Unveiling Thoughtful Promise Day Gifts For Your Loved Ones

Promise Day - The cutest day of the entire Valentine’s Week

Just a few years ago we were making pinky promises to do our best in school. Today, you’re looking for gift ideas to surprise your Valentine with on Promise Day. Promise Day is one of our favourite days as it’s one of the cutest ways of keeping your inner child alive. A promise is but a gesture. A gesture to always be there for someone. A gesture to do everything you can to make your loved one smile. A gesture of assurance that you will always be around, no matter what. 

Top 10 Heartwarming Promise Day Gift Ideas 

It takes a special kind of romantic to thoughtfully pick a gift for every day of Valentine. For that, we congratulate you. And since we both share our love for romance and cheesiness, let us help you with some of the best gift ideas for Promise Day for boyfriend and girlfriend. 

7 Gifts 7 Promises: 

On a scale of 1 to 10, if you’re an 11 when it comes to being a romantic partner, this gift is for you. Men, this is the perfect Promise Day gift for girlfriend. It doesn’t just have 7 promises, but also 7 heartwarming and adorable gifts to complement them. 

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7 Pre-Wedding Vows:

If you’re engaged to be married and want to surprise your fiance with a romantic gesture, this gift is for you. 

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7 Gifts 7 Vows:

Men, do you even remember the vows you took on your wedding day? We know the answer as well as you do. This time, write them down with this amazing Promise Day Gift for Wife. 

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7 Days of Valentine Glitter Hamper 

Why just buy a gift for Promise Day when you can surprise your Valentine for the entire Valentine's Week? This hamper is an adorably unique gift for each day, including Promise Day.


Premium 7 Days of Valentine Hamper 

If you’re the sort of person who doesn’t look at price tags when it comes to pampering your Valentine, may we suggest a slightly premium version of the Valentine week hamper?

7 days of valentine gift


Valentine Week Letters

When you date an old school romantic, letters never fail to impress. Check out the link and read the Promise Day letter to know why it would make the perfect gift for that day. 

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Custom Radio Show 

Take your boyfriend on a long drive, turn on the radio, and watch his expression as he realizes that the entire show has been created just for him. Add a few adorable promises as part of your dedication to him and make it the perfect Promise Day gift for boyfriend. 

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Ted Talks 

Rather than writing your promises, how about recording them in your own voice and hiding the recording inside a cute heart shaped stuffed toy?

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Bouquet Card 

Greeting cards will never go out of fashion. Order this bouquet card from Oye Happy, scribble your promise on it and gift it to your Valentine on Promise Day.

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Valentine Video Hamper

And for those who love grand gestures, record a video of you making a promise to your Valentine and upload it on the screen attached to this hamper. The moment the hamper is opened, the video will automatically start playing.

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Unique Ideas To Have A Memorable Promise Day

If you believe in DIY gestures rather than buying gifts, we have amazing ideas for that as well. As a online gifting company, our job is to make your moment special. If we can’t do it with out own gifts, we can do it with our amazing ideas, right?

Write 7 letters - Letters never fail to melt. Write 7 promises in the form of letters and hide it around the house for your husband to find. You can hide one under his pillow to open in the morning, one in the bathroom, inside his laptop bag and wherever else he’s most likely to stumble upon them. Promise Day Gift for husbands are particularly effective if they are cute and emotional. 

Candle Light Dinner - Have a conversation. Make promises in person. Promise him that you’ll plan an international trip together every year.  Promise her that you will cook for her every month at least once. 

Make a PPT - For a workaholic Valentine, this idea of making a PPT with several promise slides is bound to tickle their funny bone. 

You can also consider buying each other matching watches or engraved flasks and adding a Promise Day note with them.

Importance Of Choosing The Right Promise Day Gift To Symbolize Commitment

Promises in today’s era should be relevant and personalised. Make a promise you actually mean and can keep. Writing lines like ‘I’ll spend our next 7 lives together’ may sound romantic but lacks actual substance. 

And to make your promise that much more special, it is always nice to add a gift that complements the promise. For instance, if you promise to always watch all her favourite shows, plan a Netflix evening the same evening and watch one of her favourite shows. Or if you promise to participate in all his craziness, then get a 1000-piece puzzle of a supercar and do it together. 

When you commit, follow it up with a gesture that proves it. 

FAQ - 

1.What to do on Promise Day?

A. Make a promise to forever be their favourite travel partner, watch their favourite TV show together, or cook their favourite dish. Write these promises and add a gift to complement each promise. 

2.When is Promise Day celebrated?

A. Promise Day is celebrated on the 11th of February. 

3.Is Promise Day only for couples?

A. Since Valentine’s Week is celebrated mostly by couples, Promise Day is usually celebrated between couples too. 

4.What is the best promise for your girlfriend?

A.Promise to cook her favourite dish, promise to make her laugh with silly gestures, promise to be her private genie for life, or to always be patient and enthusiastic when you go shopping together. 

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