Wedding Anniversary Gifts That Are Sure To Make Your Partner Smile

There are movie scenes – and even real-life episodes – where a distressed husband panics because he’s forgotten his wedding anniversary. He might be thinking, where can I get flowers at this late stage? What are the perfect wedding anniversary gifts?

There are two important things to remember when it comes to your marriage anniversary

Don’t forget them and don’t ever forget them!

You wouldn’t forget the day you were getting married, so make it a point to celebrate the anniversary of that very special event each year. We talk about a diamond anniversary, golden and silver and so much of it stems from traditions started hundreds of years ago. A man would crown his wife with a silver or gold wreath on their 25th or 50th wedding anniversary. Isn’t that romantic? Love is the one thing that has survived its traditions since heaven knows when.

The anniversaries are important and tradition demands you follow it. For anniversary gifts it’s the best to use your imagination and always remember that it’s the thought that counts.

Also another thing, siblings and parents plus close friends will remember the anniversary and send you a card. It’s important that you do the same for them. It’s a smart move to write down the date in your calendar (or, these days, your phone) so as to remind you to make a call or find perfect wedding anniversary gifts to congratulate the happy couple, like share a picture on Facebook or getting them something thoughtful.

If you want to go for some unique and yet classic gifts for your own anniversary and also your friend’s here is our list of top picks.


For those who love to preserve memories, here’s a handpicked collection of 3 gifts – each designed to frame a special moment in its own unique way. Each frame is packaged in a greeting card. You can choose to easily remove them from the card and hang them on the wall instead.

Card 1: That day I will celebrate every year with you.

Gift: The date of your choice will be designed using 8 pictures.

Card 2: That moment I will cherish forever.

Gift: 6 of your favorite pictures will be clipped to a frame using tiny wooden clips.

Card 3: That place where I fell in love with you.

Gift: Any special location which means a lot to the both of you will be framed with a message.

You can also get your friends and family these frames as an excellent anniversary gift.

 Gift Hampers

 Get it here

Because one gift is simply not enough for wedding anniversary gifts. Here’s a special set of gifts for those times, which not only works for every occasion but for every mood as well (even the terrible ones). It comprises a set of 5 boxes, where each box is meant to be opened in the event of a specific mood only. Inside each box is a little gift to go with the mood. The 5 gifts are-

Open this when you miss me:

Five polaroid fridge magnets customized with your favorite pictures. The pictures can be shared in the order form after the payment page.

Open this when you are feeling naughty:

Ten unapologetically naughty dares, each sealed in an envelope. From role-playing and quickies to lap dances and blindfolded action, be prepared to have a long night ahead before you indulge in this.

Open this when you need lots of sweet love:

5 home-made chocolates

Open this when you want to get pampered:

Six magical redeemable coupons your partner can redeem from you whenever they want. From planning a romantic date to 60 seconds of non-stop compliments, the coupons will keep you busy fulfilling your partner’s wishes

Open this when you want to know why I love you:

13 romantic and witty reasons why you love him/her. Some of the reasons are – ‘You always laugh at my jokes, even when they are not funny at all’; ‘If you were a calendar model, you’d make January the hottest month of the year’; ‘I love how you always know what I am thinking and what I’m going to say.’

If you are gifting your friends on their anniversary this gift hamper is more suitable for the occasion.

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The box comprises a vintage looking pocket watch, a golden scroll with a custom message and a photograph of your choice.

Or you can choose to name stars to make your gift last forever.

Name 2 stars, after your loved one and yourself, and make your next gift truly out of the world.

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All you have to do is share both your names, the occasion and a one-liner message and the stars will be booked on your behalf. The details can be shared in the order form AFTER the payment page. The package includes a personalized certificate with both the names and a constellation chart with the location of the stars. Both the stars will be close to each other and will be specified on the certificate.

We hope you have paid heed and marked your anniversary on your calendar with a promise make it memorable for your partner.

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