Have a Blast Hamper (C)

Unwrap three quirky crackers, each bursting with its own flavor of surprises.

MOQ - 20
₹ 2499 Onwards
Sweetest Diwali Mug (C)

Savor the sweetness of Diwali with our sweetest Diwali mug.

MOQ - 20
₹ 499 Onwards
90s Diwali Hamper (C)

Step into the past this Diwali with Oye Happy’s nostalgia-packed hamper.

MOQ - 20
₹ 1199 Onwards
The Classic Diwali Hamper (C)

Experience the timeless charm of Diwali with our Classic Diwali Hamper.

MOQ - 20
₹ 1599 Onwards
Quirky Diwali Hamper (C)

Get ready for a Diwali filled with laughter and joy with this quirky hamper.

MOQ - 20
₹ 2999 Onwards
Vintage Bluetooth Speaker

Turn back time with our vintage-inspired gramophone, blending nostalgia and modern convenience.

MOQ - 20
₹ 2599 Onwards
Portable Groove BT Speaker

Take the party wherever you go with our portable speaker!

MOQ - 20
₹ 1499 Onwards
Wireless Taskmaster

Revolutionize your desk with our 7-in-1 gadget.

MOQ - 20
₹ 1999 Onwards
7 in 1 Elite TaskPad

Introducing the TaskPad: Your ultimate desk companion.

MOQ - 20
₹ 1399 Onwards
4 in 1 ProTask Planner

Elevate your workspace with our TaskPad – a multitasking marvel.

MOQ - 20
₹ 1199 Onwards

Happy Clients


Kudos to Oye Happy for their exceptional gifts. Our employees were thrilled with the thoughtful and personalized presents. The positive impact on morale was evident, and it reflected in our team's productivity. We'll definitely be returning for more.

S.K. Divyashree

Oye Happy delivered a delightful experience with their food-themed gifts. Our team in the food industry couldn't have been happier. The creativity and attention to detail in each gift were exceptional. Oye Happy, you've earned a place on our preferred vendor list!

Rajashekhar Reddy

Oye Happy understands the importance of employee wellness. The wellness-themed gifts were a perfect fit for our health-conscious team. The thoughtfulness behind each gift was evident, and our employees were thoroughly pleased. Oye Happy, you've won our hearts!

Varun Kumar

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S.K. Divyashree

Why Oye Happy


Gifts are thrilling when they're extraordinary. At Oye Happy, we don't settle for the mundane; we craft unique products for you.


We're all about customization. Our gifts aren't just personalized with logos; they're tailored for each recipient.


We take happiness very seriously. With over a million gifts delivered, we treat each order like it's our first.

Happiness Consultants

No sales managers here—just Happiness Consultants. Each client gets a dedicated consultant, assisting you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We offer customization for both the packaging and the gift.

Absolutely! Contact our Happiness Consultant for ingredient swaps and more personalized suggestions. Reach out by filling out the contact form below or message us at 8143625575. We're here to make it perfect for you!

The cost covers bulk shipping to a single location. Should you prefer individual dispatch to recipients across the country, an additional fee applies.

Our standard dispatch time is 3 working days, depending on the extent of customization. For tier 1 cities, delivery usually takes 2-4 days, while tier 2 and 3 cities may take 3-5 days. If you need faster delivery or priority shipment, reach out by filling out the form below or messaging us at 8143625575.