Birthday Countdown Letters

Birthday Countdown Letters
Birthday Countdown Letters
Birthday Countdown Letters
Birthday Countdown Letters
Birthday Countdown Letters
Birthday Countdown Letters
Birthday Countdown Letters
Birthday Countdown Letters
Birthday Countdown Letters
Birthday Countdown Letters
Birthday Countdown Letters

Birthday Countdown Letters

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We all know that one person who probably waits for their Birthday months in advance. Apart from our respect, these people deserve something more - a bunch of 7 countdown letters, each leading to their Birthday.

Each letter is numbered so that they can open the first letter 6 days before their Birthday, the second letter 5 days before and so on. You can choose to have the entire bunch sent to the special one or hand one letter yourself each day!

Letter 1: 6 days to go
It’s the start of your birthday week! And what better way to celebrate the start of birthday week than with a letter? SIX DAYS TO GO!! In six days, you will officially be a year older and, hopefully, even a little wiser. So now that you know that I am as excited about your Birthday as you are (maybe even more), you can quickly share the list of ALL the things you want as Birthday gifts! (Contd)

Letter 2: 5 days to go
Hey again,
Five days to go for d-day!
I hope you woke up feeling great about your birthday week, especially after yesterday’s letter from me. I do have that effect on people after all! So I considered buying a genie lamp to make all your wishes come true. I must have rubbed over 600 lamps so far and the only thing that came out was a spider and some dust (you can never trust things from China). But hey, if nothing works out, I'll be happy to be your genie, master. (Contd)

Letter 3: 4 days to go
Hi again,
Here we go again – another letter!
4 days to go for your birthday (not like you, of all people, need a reminder). So how does it feel standing so close to old age?
By now you must have figured out that this ‘letter ritual’ is going to continue everyday till your birthday. In case you aren’t particularly enjoying these letters, too bad. The letters are enjoying seeing you every day and like the way you smile on seeing them. :) (Contd)

Letter 4: 3 days to go
Hey (again),
It’s just THREE days to go!
I tried kidnapping Ricky Martin to wake you up this morning and sing 'Un, dos, tres
Un pasito pa'lante María.' But that plan didn't work out so you might want to consider playing it on Youtube instead.
I hope you’ve decided everything about your birthday by now – gifts that you’d like, number of cakes you are going to cut, people you are treating, your birthday outfit, how you are celebrating with your planet’s friends? (Contd)

Letter 5: 2 days to go
Hey (again),
Just 2 days to go! I wanted to buy you the Eiffel Tower to cut your Birthday cake in but I couldn't find a gift wrapping paper big enough to wrap it with.
Do you have any idea how excited I’m getting about your birthday? Imagine a hungry monkey, swinging from tree to tree, who just got access to an unlimited amount of bananas forever. THAT excited! (Contd)

Letter 6: 1 day to go
*Clears Throat*
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to yoouuuu!
Yeah I know I know your Birthday's tomorrow and not today but this was just the dress rehearsal. (Contd)

Letter 7: Birthday
*Curtains open*
*Trumpets start to play*
*Confetti bombs burst everywhere*
*A unicorn flies across the sky*
*A random baby is crying in a corner*
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear awesome-est person in the world,
Happy Birthday to yoouuuu! (Contd)

Size of each letter: A5
Size of each envelope: 6.4 x 4.8 inches
All the letters are packaged together and dispatched. Each letter is numbered so that your loved one knows the order in which to open them every day.

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