Birthday Countdown Virtual Surprise

Birthday Countdown Virtual Surprise
Birthday Countdown Virtual Surprise
Birthday Countdown Virtual Surprise
Birthday Countdown Virtual Surprise
Birthday Countdown Virtual Surprise
Birthday Countdown Virtual Surprise
Birthday Countdown Virtual Surprise
Birthday Countdown Virtual Surprise

Birthday Countdown Virtual Surprise

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We all know that one person who probably waits for their Birthday months in advance. Apart from our respect, these people deserve something more – a bunch of 7 virtual surprises, each leading to their Birthday.

Each day, a beautifully designed surprise will be Emailed/Whatsapped to the special person. The first e-gift will be sent 6 days before their Birthday, the second e-gift 5 days before and so on. You can share the email address/phone number of the special person in the order form after the payment page.

With each gift, a letter will also be sent to the special person.

Gift 1 - Plant a Tree
Sponsor the plantation and maintenance of a tree on someone’s behalf to celebrate a special occasion. The trees are planted by a certified social organisation which has planted over a million trees so far. The certificate of authentication will be sent via WhatsApp.

Gift 2 - Prank Video
Pay us some money, share a message for the special person, give us a whatsapp or email address and we’ll send the recipient a video guaranteed to give them a few sleepless nights. The prank starts with a heartfelt video message from you for the recipient and the abrupt ending changes everything with a scary ghost face and horror music. Fun, isn’t it? You can watch a sample here -

Gift 3 - Digital Portrait
Have a picture of them which you absolutely adore? Turn it into an exceptionally beautiful work of art designed by an artist. We will send you the digitised version of your beautiful picture over emailed/WhatsApp.

Gift 4 - All about You Video
Know someone so much that you can write a book on them? If not a book, at least get them a personalized video made with all the things that define the person. All you have to do is answer a bunch of questions about them, share their pictures, and let our team handle the rest. Questions include details such as their nickname, hobbies, favourite food, birthplace, most used dialogue, etc. To watch a sample video, click here -

Gift 5 - Stars Above Us
The stars never look the same twice. As our planet, the position of the stars above us changes with it. We create beautifully designed star maps that show the unique alignment of the stars in a place and time chosen by you. So if there’s a special moment that you’d like to capture – like the moment of your wedding, the time you first met that special someone or the moment of your child’s birth – here’s one of the most beautiful ways of doing it. You can learn more about the surprise here

Gift 6 - Birthday Chronicles
Everyone wants to be famous and be in the newspapers (for the right reasons, preferably). How about giving your loved ones a shot at fame with a virtual newspaper cover story written entirely for them? Based on the nature, likes, and interests of the person, the article can be themed around the special one. This will be sent via email or WhatsApp. You can learn more about the surprise here

Gift 7 (sent on Birthday) - Radio Show
Share with us details about the person you want to surprise – nature, likes, funny memories, quirks – and we will create a custom radio show just for the two of you. The show, recorded by a professional voice over artist, will be emailed to you so you can play it on your phone or audio system. You can learn more about this gift here

Each surprise is usually delivered between 6 PM and 8 PM.

All customisation details, including the receiver's number and email ID, can be shared in the order form after the payment page. The order form is also emailed to you in case you'd rather fill it later.

Note: This is a virtual surprise only and no physical version will be dispatched to you. The delivery address we ask during the ordering process is merely a legal formality.


We ship all our surprises through the most reliable delivery partners in India. All surprises are shipped within one working day of receiving your order. Tracking details for your shipment will be shared over SMS and email immediately after your order is shipped.

For priority delivery orders - if you order before 3 PM, it will be shipped same-day through a priority delivery service.

Customisation details required for this surprise can be uploaded in the order form immediately after the payment is completed.

In case you're busy then, we can also email you the order form. But it'll save you time to fill the order form immediately after ordering. :)

Unhappy with what you got? Email us on or call us on 9966687654 and we shall dedicate a Happiness Consultant to resolve your issue within 8 working hours.

If you opt for priority shipping and we're unable to deliver on your chosen date, priority shipping charges are fully refunded.

Your secrets are safe with us, along with your personal details, photos and anything else you share.

All the files you share to customise your order are permanently deleted after the surprise is completed.

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