Birthday Week Surprise

Birthday Week Surprise
Birthday Week Surprise
Birthday Week Surprise
Birthday Week Surprise
Birthday Week Surprise
Birthday Week Surprise
Birthday Week Surprise
Birthday Week Surprise
Birthday Week Surprise
Birthday Week Surprise
Birthday Week Surprise
Birthday Week Surprise
Birthday Week Surprise
Birthday Week Surprise
Birthday Week Surprise
Birthday Week Surprise

Birthday Week Surprise

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We all know that one person who probably waits for their Birthday months in advance. Apart from our respect, these people deserve something more – a bunch of 7 virtual and physical surprises, each leading to their Birthday. Here’s a unique way of keeping the birthday girl/guy surprised for an entire week! 7 surprises, created and personalised entirely for your loved one, will be delivered to him/her each day of birthday week.

The gifts are:

Day 1 - Mails From Strangers
Have a bunch of friendly strangers email your loved one throughout his or her special day. A Biryani lover will get emails saying the entire city of Hyderabad will eat Biryani in their honour today and a Punjabi music lover may open the mail to the lyrics of Honey Singh dedicated to him or her by a stranger. All you have to do is share some fun facts about the special person and the things they love, their favorite movie, favorite dish, or favorite place to hang out, etc. We will ensure that the mails seem like one sent by an old friend he/she doesn’t remember anymore.

Day 2 – Plant a tree
Sponsor the plantation and maintenance of a tree on behalf of your loved one to celebrate a special occasion. The trees are planted by a certified social organisation which has planted over a million trees so far. The certificate of authentication will be sent via Email or WhatsApp.

Day 3 - All about You Video
Know someone so much that you can write a book on them? If not a book, at least get them a personalized video made with all the things that define the person. All you have to do is answer a bunch of questions about them, share their pictures and let our team handle the rest. Questions include details such as their nickname, hobbies, favourite food, birthplace, most used dialogue, etc. You can watch a sample video here –

Day 4 - How To Celebrate Birthday
A letter with tips on how to celebrate your birthday in a pandemic. Sample content on the letter:
Hey Birthday Lover!
So your Birthday is in a pandemic. If you’re an introvert, or a miser, who hates throwing birthday parties – then this is probably the best Birthday of your life. Instead, if you’re sulking about not being able to go on a trip or pass out in a club, then let us begin with a big virtual hug. Here are a few other creative ways of still celebrating your Birthday in the middle of a pandemic.
Throw a virtual party: Make a WhatsApp group, give everyone a dress code (even if it’s pyjamas), get everyone to open a bottle of alcohol or make a glass of lassi or whatever it is that you enjoy drinking, and send an invite for a group video call. If you want to make it wilder, post the invitation online and make it an open invite for whoever wants to join. Don’t forget to arrange for great music in advance for a virtual dance off. (contd. in the letter.)

Day 5 – Birthday Article
Everyone wants to be famous and be in the newspapers (for the right reasons, preferably). How about giving your loved ones a shot at fame with a virtual newspaper cover story written entirely for them? Based on the nature, likes, and interests of the person, the article can be themed around the special one. This will be sent via email or WhatsApp. You can learn more about the surprise here

Day 6 – Name a Star Online
Make your next gift out of the world, in the literal sense, by naming a star after them. Just share the name of the person you want to surprise, select the zodiac and a star will be automatically picked for them. A personalised certificate authenticating the naming and a constellation chart will be sent via WhatsApp or Email. You can learn more about this gift here

Day 7 – Birthday Hamper
When you’re not able to pick just one gift for that special Birthday person, get this entire party in a box. From DIY cake mixes and photo magnets to funny contracts and birthday monkey cards, this surprise box has everything that makes a Birthday special.
The hamper comprises the following gifts:
1. Happy Mug: The mug that is customised with all the details of your loved one is also accompanied by cake Mix, 2 candles. sprinklers, recipe card for cake in this special hamper.
2. Custom Birthday Magnet: There have always been 2 kinds of people – Birthday Lovers and Birthday Haters. This magnet is for the 3rd and rare kind – the Birthday Obsessed! Surprise that person with a fridge magnet customised with their favourite photos. Instead of one, we will be adding 4 pictures so that your loved one can change them whenever they want.
3. Mini easel: Say farewell to regular photo frames. Add an Oye Happy touch to your table with a mini wooden easel stand with your photos.
4. Message in a Bottle: Messages in bottles have a long tradition of being the best delivery service for love. Surprise your loved one with this beautiful gift. Message inside reads- Happy birthday to you! Now that I’ve wished you, the return gift better come in packaging bigger than this!
5. Dialogue Box: Get your loved one a gift which literally unfolds a story with pictures.
6. 3 heart-shaped chocolates
7. Lit birthday card: Regular greeting cards are boring. Wish your loved one a very Happy Birthday with this unique LED greeting card that lights up with the flick of a button.
Content on the front page: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Here’s a calorie-free Birthday Cake!
Content on the inside page: I, on the other hand, will appreciate a real cake and a thoughtful gift (make it expensive too) on my Birthday. Thanks!
8. Birthday Contract: Send that Birthday crazy person a formally packaged envelope comprising a hilarious contract binding him/her into celebrating the most sensational Birthday since 5000 BC. Within each contract you will find a list of funny terms to be fulfilled by the recipient. Failure to complete the contract card under the hereto terms and agreements set forth by the court of Oye Happy will result in some pretty dire consequences.
9. Mini Frame the Name: There was once a time when photo frames used to be the obvious choice of gift. Even today, a real photo looks better on your living room wall than on social media. How about making the good old idea of gifting photo frames surprisingly special by spelling the name of the loved ones with their best pictures? If there is more than one person involved, you can also use words such as ‘Family’ or ‘Besties.’

A total of 32 pictures are needed to customise this gift.
The birthday hamper gifts are packed beautifully in an aluminium locked box.
Size of the box is 11.6 x 8.25 x 3.5 inches.
The virtual surprises are usually delivered between 6 PM and 8 PM.
All customisation details, including the receiver’s number and email ID, can be shared in the order form after the payment page. The order form is also emailed to you in case you’d rather fill it later.

Next day delivery is available for this gift to over 600 pin codes in metro cities across India, for an extra charge. Please check the availability of priority shipping on the Shipping Details page. In the rare case that we are unable to deliver on the committed date, the priority shipping charges will be refunded.

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