Christmas Countdown Letters

Christmas Countdown Letters
Christmas Countdown Letters
Christmas Countdown Letters

Christmas Countdown Letters

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We all know that one person who probably waits for Christmas more than Santa himself. Apart from our respect, these people deserve something more - a bunch of countdown letters, each leading to 25th of December.

Each letter is numbered so that they can open the first letter on the 19th of December, second on 20th and so on. You can choose to have the entire bunch sent to the special one or hand one letter yourself each day!

Sample content on letter 1:

Merry Christmas Week! 6 Days to go.

You're one of the only people on Earth who looks forward to Christmas than Santa Claus himself. Someone who loves Christmas so much deserves a gift that shows that Christmas loves you back. So I spent the entire year thinking of the perfect surprise for you. I ordered for a Giant snow man all the way from North Pole to ring in the Christmas spirit in your living room. However, by the time it reached here, all that was left of the snowman was a hat, a scarf and a carrot.... (contd)

Sample content on letter 2:

Hey again,

Five days to go for Christmas!

I hope you woke up feeling great about Christmas week, especially after yesterday’s letter from me. I do have that effect on people after all! So after the snowman plan failed (well not entirely as I at least got to make some carrot soup at home), I considered buying a genie lamp to make all your wishes come true. I must have rubbed over 600 lamps so far and the only thing that came out was a spider and some dust (you can never trust things from China).... (contd)

Sample content on letter 3:

Hi again,

Here we go again – another letter!

4 days to go for Christmas (not like you, of all people, need a reminder).

By now you must have figured out that this ‘letter ritual’ is going to continue everyday till Christmas. In case you aren’t particularly enjoying these letters, too bad. The letters are enjoying seeing you every day and like the way you smile on seeing them... (contd)

Sample content on letter 4:

Hey (again),

It’s just THREE days to go!

I tried giving kidnapping another attempt and almost got hold of Ricky Martin to wake you up this
morning and sing 'Un, dos, tres Un pasito pa'lante María.' But that plan didn't work out so you might
want to consider playing it on Youtube instead and pretend he's in front of you wearing really tight
leather pants... (contd)

Sample content on letter 5:

Hey (again),

Just 2 days to go! I finally decided to get you the biggest Christmas tree the world has ever seen. But we both know that you prefer an actual tree over a plastic one. You will be pleased to know that I have planted the seed just recently and I am feeding it steroids to ensure faster growth. Hopefully, it will be big enough by Christmas to make it to Limca book of records...(contd)

Sample content on letter 6:

*Clears Throat*

Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way,
Oh what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh,

Yeah I know I know that Christmas is tomorrow and not today but this was just the dress rehearsal...

Sample content on letter 7:

Christmas is finally here! Merry Christmas, my elf!

As your Christmas surprise, I have written to the International Nobel Prize Committee to create a special award for Awesomeness and to make you the first deserving recipient. You can thank me in the award ceremony if and when it happens... (contd)

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