Letters to my Mom

Letters to my Mom
Letters to my Mom
Letters to my Mom
Letters to my Mom
Letters to my Mom
Letters to my Mom
Letters to my Mom
Letters to my Mom
Letters to my Mom

Letters to my Mom

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- If your Mother loves the idea of letters but you aren’t into writing yourself, allow us to be your messengers by delivering a bunch of 7 adorable letters on your behalf.

- Each letter is packaged in a handcrafted envelope.

Content of the letters:


I promise to break my phone with a hammer so I can spend more time with you (just kidding). I can at least promise to not glue myself to the phone when you are around. If I don't, you can always confiscate my phone and make me shift to landline instead (after at least 3 first warnings and 3 last warnings).


I never realised until lately how my priorities have changed with time. As a child, you meant the world to me. You were the only one who mattered. While you still mean the world to me, I don't care to express it often. I promise to remind you more often that I will only love you and no matter how old I grow, you will always matter the most to me. I love you, ma.


You always know when I am sad without having to tell you. You always know when I am hungry and make exactly what my tummy needs. You always remind me to wear a sweater even today. Evenwhen I miss your call and don't call you back, you don't mind and call me again nevertheless. You find so many ways to tell me how much you care about me and I can never thank you enough for it. Thank you for being my mother, mom.


You're the biggest superhero I know. You work harder than anyone I have ever seen and yet there is never a moment when you're too busy for me. I wish I could become half as amazing a person as you are. I could never understand why people call their spouses their better halves when the truth is,you have always been and will always be the better and stronger half in my life.


You're the most patient tutor. You're the nicest doctor. You're an incredible chef. You're a multi-tasking organiser. You're a free therapist. You're a forever waala friend. You're a Ludo competitor.You're the nicest song-picker. You're the funniest gossip partner. You're better than Google and often know more than the internet. You're so much more than a mother and you deserve way more happiness than I can ever give you.


You're like a private executive genie who has always made my every wish come, no matter how big or small. So from today onwards, I am going to your genie instead. If you ever need anything, all you need to do is wish and I'll make it happen.


Everything I am today is because of you. You have believed in me at times I didn't have faith in myself. You have inspired me to be a better person by being the role model I aspire to be. You have silently sacrificed a lot over the years just to bring a few extra smiles on my face. I can never do or say enough to express how much you mean to me. Thank you for being a beacon of light in every phase of my life and I hope that I can make you proud as the person you've raised me to be.

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