Open When Hamper

Romantic hamper gift for wife
Open When Hamper
Open When Hamper
Open When Hamper
Open When Hamper
Open When Hamper
Open When Hamper
Open When Hamper
Open When Hamper
Open When Hamper

Open When Hamper

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All of us have that special person in our lives we just want to surprise as often as we can. Celebrate an entire week with them with a bunch of gifts designed for different moods and events. This way, your better half is obliged to not open them all at once.

This hamper comprises a set of 7 of our most favourite gifts where each gift is meant to be opened in the event of a specific mood or occasion only.

The gifts are:

1. Open this Immediately
This gift only comprises a card which says – You couldn’t resist giving this card even 2 minutes to breathe, could you? We knew you wouldn’t wait for long to open this one. The rest of the boxes you can, however, open only as per the instructions on the box or they will self detonate.

2. Open this when you miss me
Content on card: I miss you too. I miss you so much more than I can ever explain. Here are a few memories to remind you of me further and to make you miss me more.
Gift: Our signature ‘Frame the Name’ gift wherein your loved one’s name is designed using the photos you share. The frame can accommodate a maximum of 8 alphabets. Photos and a name can be shared in the order form after the payment page.

3. Open this on a bad day
Content on card: Have I told you lately that you’re the second most amazing person on Earth (after me, of course). I got you a magical artifact to remind you how special you are every time you’re feeling low.
Gift: This adorable pouch comprises 5 funny messages and a tiny mirror. Content on the placards:
If I was on the board of Nobel Prize Selection Committee
I’d give you an award for cuteness every single year
And one for Awesomeness every 4 years to add variety
So while I wait to hear from them on my resume *fingers crossed*
I got you something else.
The special person will also find a card with a mirror attached to it so that when the card is opened, they see their own face smiling back at them

4. Open this when you are feeling naughty
Content on the card: After all, I am so incredibly sexy and irresistible that you can’t help but be turned on around me. Let’s play a game and find out how naughty you actually are.
Gift: Designed in the form of a fridge magnet, ‘The Weekly Wheel of Bad Intentions’ is a spin-wheel game you can play to pamper and be pampered by your better half. Both of you have to take turns to spin the wheel and you are obligated to perform the act that appears on the wheel. Some of the tasks include – Striptease to earn a tip, turn your partner on using just your tongue, turn into a statue for 5 minutes, get any wish granted by your partner, etc.

5. Open this when you’re angry
Content on card: If the reason for your stress is me, accept this as a formal apology note (I am even wearing a puppy face right now). If the reason is something else (phew), then write the reason down and bury it.
Gift: Here’s one of the best ways to let go of your grudges and anger. This box of grudges, as it is named, contains 10 seed papers and 5 sticks. You are welcome to write any grudge you have against anyone or write the name of that person (the person could also be you who is spending all of your money splurging on things you don’t need). After you bury the seed papers, you can use the sticks to mark the places where you buried them and also to give the plant a name.

6. Open this when you need attention
Content on card: If there was a Nobel Prize for attention, you’d be famous across the world. The truth is, you always have all my attention (even when I am not around). Let me prove it to you.
Gift: Deciding on the perfect thing to do together is one of the most complicated things in every relationship. If you agree, let us help you with a bunch of redeemable date coupons you can gift to your better half. From board game evenings and no cell-phone dinners to spontaneous dancing sessions and naughty dates – your loved one can choose to redeem any coupon from you whenever they want. To make it even more exciting, every coupon comes with a feedback form your loved one can fill to review your efforts and give you ratings!

7. Open this a week before your birthday
Content on the card: You know you don't have to really wait for your Birthday to celebrate your Birthday. All you have to do is change the date on Facebook and celebrate it RIGHT NOW!
Gift: If your better half is obsessed with birthdays and is very excited for it, here’s a bunch of 7 countdown letters – each leading to his/her birthday. Each letter is numbered so that they can open the first letter 6 days before birthday, the second letter 5 days before, and so on. You can read the content on each letter here.

8. Open this on your birthday
Content on card: Have I ever told you lately that nothing makes me happier than watching that silly face of yours. I will always love you the same, even when you need dentures to chew maggi. Happy Birthday!
Gift: A birthday edition fridge magnet customised with 4 photos of your choice.

Size of the frame, without glass, in ‘Open this when you miss me’: 9 x 6 inches
Size of the hamper: 10 x 7 x 2.5 inches
10 to 12 photos are needed to customise the surprise. The photos can be uploaded in the order form after the payment page.

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