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  • Concert at my Door
    Concert at my Door

    Send a 3-member band to his or her doorstep and surprise them with a private concert.

  • Poolside at Vivanta
    Poolside at Vivanta

    Celebrate the luxury of a private table set up exclusively for the both of you.

  • Elvis on Call
    Elvis on Call

    Send a professional guitarist to his or her doorstep and make the special day a little ...

  • Comedian at Home
    Comedian at Home

    Get a professional comedian to customise a private show especially for your loved one.

  • Day of Surprises in Delhi
    Day of Surprises in De...

    Plan an entire day in Delhi with some of our best surprises

  • Gift a Smile
    Gift a Smile

    Treat 100 underprivileged kids to a delicious meal and celebrate a special day by ...

  • 70mm Surprise
    70mm Surprise

    Turn a regular movie day into an extraordinary one by having the special one’s photographs ...

  • Real Paranormal Experience
    Real Paranormal Experi...

    Book a private expedition at midnight in an actual haunted spot with Paranormal Society of ...

  • Play Date
    Play Date

    Get your hands dirty with your partner-in-crime over a 2-hour pottery session.

  • Movie Night at Home
    Movie Night at Home

    Turn a regular evening into a special movie night with a life-sized projector in your own ...

  • Joyride in Aligarh
    Joyride in Aligarh

    Take your loved one on a ride off the ground in your personally chartered aircraft!

  • Sherlocked in Delhi
    Sherlocked in Delhi

    Take your loved one on a treasure hunt and surprise them with an extraordinary gift in the end.

  • Thai High
    Thai High

    Enjoy an unprecedented view of the city over a romantic candle light dinner on a rooftop.

  • Private Rooftop at Lutyens
    Private Rooftop at Lut...

    A romantic candlelight dinner at an exclusively reserved rooftop in a luxurious resort.

  • Furry Retreat in Delhi
    Furry Retreat in Delhi

    Treat your loved to an awesome time at a pet shelter amidst several cute dogs.

  • Wishes by Strangers
    Wishes by Strangers

    Have a bunch of friendly strangers call the special one and let him keep guessing who’s ...