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  • Day of Surprises in Delhi
    Day of Surprises in De...

    Plan an entire day in Delhi with some of our best surprises

  • Balloon-a-Matata

    Fill your loved one’s room with 200 colorful balloons!

  • Surprise on Wheels – Bangalore
    Surprise on Wheels ...

    Plan a surprise in the trunk of your car to turn a long-drive into an unforgettable one.

  • Flower Shower
    Flower Shower

    Go Bollywood with your surprise by showering flower petals for 5 whole minutes on your ...

  • Day of Surprises in Bangalore
    Day of Surprises in Ba...

    Plan an entire day in Bangalore with some of our best surprises.

  • Private Party on Wheels
    Private Party on Wheel...

    Why book a table when you can book an awesomely decorated truck filled with goodies.

  • The Balloon Fest
    The Balloon Fest

    Fill your loved one’s room with nostalgia and color by hanging pictures from floating balloons.

  • Day of Surprises in Hyderabad
    Day of Surprises in Hy...

    Plan an entire day filled with our best surprises and keep your loved one on their toes.