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  • Movie Screening in Luxury
    Movie Screening in Lux...

    Watch your favourite movie at a 5-star hotel in the luxury of your private and cosy space.

  • India’s Highest Bungee Jump
    India’s Highest ...

    Treat an adventure lover to  India's highest bungee jumping experience.

  • Professional Music Video
    Professional Music Vid...

    Dedicate a ‘Kolaveri di’ styled music video of your own song shot in a professional ...

  • Unlimited Sugar for 2
    Unlimited Sugar for 2

    Love desserts? Spend an afternoon eating unlimited cupcakes with your loved one!

  • Personal Image Consultant
    Personal Image Consult...

    Hire a personal image consultant to help your better half with a makeover to suit his/her ...

  • Surfing for 2
    Surfing for 2

    Discover the joy of surfing on the waters of Indian Ocean with a professional trainer.

  • Kayaking for 2
    Kayaking for 2

    Discover the joy of Kayaking on the waters of Indian Ocean with a professional trainer.

  • Pilot for a Day
    Pilot for a Day

    Always wanted to fly a plane? You can now indulge in this experience by learning to fly ...

  • Gift a Smile
    Gift a Smile

    Treat 100 underprivileged kids to a delicious meal and celebrate a special day by ...

  • Horse Riding Experience
    Horse Riding Experienc...

    Experience real 'horse power' over a horse riding session with an equestrian professional!

  • Parasailing in Bangalore
    Parasailing in Bangalo...

    Take your loved one on a delightful parasailing experience for 2.

  • Adopt a Parent
    Adopt a Parent

    Sponsor the expenses of an elderly person for a month and get something priceless – their ...

  • Furry Retreat
    Furry Retreat

    Treat your loved one to the best stress buster of playing with lots of cute dogs for an evening.

  • Chauffeur Driven Audi
    Chauffeur Driven Audi

    Make a long drive one to remember in a luxurious, chauffeur driven Audi A4.

  • Record your Song
    Record your Song

    Know someone who loves singing? Gift them a recording session at a professional studio.

  • Furry Army at Home
    Furry Army at Home

    Invite the world's cutest dogs to come home and spread some happiness.