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  • 15 Feet of Happiness
    15 Feet of Happiness

    A 15-feet long banner with a custom message so big, that it can be read from outer space ...

  • Jack in the box
    Jack in the box

    Next time you want to pay a loved one an unexpected visit, surprise them more by hiding ...

  • Flash Mob
    Flash Mob

    Make your loved one say ‘Best. Surprise. Ever’ with your very own private flash mob ...

  • Elvis on Call
    Elvis on Call

    Send a professional guitarist to his or her doorstep and make the special day a little ...

  • Bear Hug
    Bear Hug

    If you believe that there is nothing better than a warm hug, then here's a tight one from ...

  • Flower Shower
    Flower Shower

    Go Bollywood with your surprise by showering flower petals for 5 whole minutes on your ...

  • Private Party on Wheels
    Private Party on Wheel...

    Why book a table when you can book an awesomely decorated truck filled with goodies.

  • We have a message
    We have a message

    Send a happiness messenger home with a bunch of messages customised specially for your ...

  • Big Fat Gift
    Big Fat Gift

    If a small gift is enough to delight a person, then imagine a giant gift box outside their ...