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DIY Christmas Magnets

Paint your own Christmas ornaments and turn them into cute fridge magnets.

new arrival
Roleplay Badge Box

Up your bedside game a notch with these roleplay badges.

new arrival
DIY Letters on Christmas

Let's bring actual letters back in fashion in this festive season with a handcrafted kit ...

new arrival
Christmas Snowflake Shower

Prank someone with a snowflake shower guaranteed to annoy the Christmas spirit out of them.

new arrival
Birthday Monkey Card

A new species of monkeys have been discovered. Called the birthday monkey.

new arrival
Custom Dialogue Mug

A mug with your favourite dialogue and your favourite picture on it!!

new arrival
Naughty Bucket List

The ultimate naughty bucket list sealed with a lock and filled with a bunch of dares.

new arrival
Christmas Mirror Card

A fairytale way of reminding your loved one that Santa loves them the most.

new arrival
Couple Conversation Starters

Make 'We need to talk' conversations a lot more interesting with interactive magnets.

new arrival
Naughty Scratch Cards

Leave your fate in bed to this quirky set of naughty scratch cards.

new arrival
Lit Christmas Jar

Gift your loved this tiny jar that lights up as they make a Christmas wish.

new arrival
Christmas Photo Frame

Gift that Christmas obsessed person an LED frame customised with photos.

new arrival
Letter from Secret Santa

Send your loved one an adorable letter from their Secret Santa aka You.

new arrival
Christmas on My Desk

Surprise your loved one and their workspace with Christmas decor gift set.

new arrival
Great Indian Friend Mug

Surprise your tea/coffee lover friend with our signature Great Indian Friend Mug.

new arrival