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  • Gift for the Queen
    Gift for the Queen

    Surprise a Game of Thrones fanatic with an extraordinary bracelet.

  • My Special Bracelet
    My Special Bracelet

    For someone who loves to accessorise, gift them a unique bracelet with a photo or message ...

  • Pendant of Nostalgia
    Pendant of Nostalgia

    Make your gift classy with a personalized square shaped photo pendant for your loved one.

  • Tiny Trinkets
    Tiny Trinkets

    A beautifully handcrafted bracelet with 6 intricately crafted charms.

  • Elegant Cufflinks
    Elegant Cufflinks

    Get the stylish men in your life a pair of classy cufflinks customised with photographs of ...

  • Eve’s Bracelet
    Eve’s Bracelet

    Gift someone an antique bracelet handcrafted with colourful reindeer moss infused in a sphere.

  • Drop of Rain
    Drop of Rain

    Gift a loved one a unique locket crafted with dandelion seeds filled inside it.

  • Key and Ka
    Key and Ka

    Turn something as simple as a key ring into a cool and awesome gift by customising it for ...

  • My Precious
    My Precious

    For those who love Lord of the Rings, are you ready to accept the fellowship of the ring?

  • Queen of Hearts
    Queen of Hearts

    Make your gift a little extra special with a personalised heart shaped photo pendant for ...

  • Key to My Heart
    Key to My Heart

    Add a special treasure to your loved one’s jewel box with a customised key-shaped pendant.

  • Time Turner
    Time Turner

    Make your gift classy with a vintage looking locket watch customised with your loved one’s ...

  • Moon of My Life
    Moon of My Life

    A unique moon shaped pendant customised with a picture of your loved one.

  • Vintage Edition for Mom
    Vintage Edition for Mo...

    This Mother's Day, gift her a classy wooden box with a vintage locket watch and more.

  • Vial of Dreams
    Vial of Dreams

    Gift an antique locket crafted with reindeer moss in a tiny glass bottle.