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  • Single and Awesome
    Single and Awesome

    Gift that Single-and-perpetually-happy friend a specially designed kit with tons of witty ...

  • Our Dirty Secret
    Our Dirty Secret

    A box of 10 unapologetically naughty redeemable coupons. Peek inside to know more.

  • Golden tickets
    Golden tickets

    Redeemable tickets to pamper your loved one with dinner, drives, compliments and more.

  • You & I
    You & I

    Gift your better half an exceptionally romantic and cute hamper filled with lots of ...

  • Romance on the Internet
    Romance on the Interne...

    For the first time in India, customise an entire website for someone with some really ...

  • Kink it up
    Kink it up

    Let’s get kinky with this dirty black box of fantasies comprising handcuffs, blindfold, ...

  • Never have I ever
    Never have I ever

    Spend the next Saturday night playing this drinking game you are never likely to forget!

  • Turn me on
    Turn me on

    Pick up lines just got better (and cheesier) with LED equipped greeting cards.

  • Love Contract
    Love Contract

    Hold him/her legally responsible for a steamy make out or a cooking session with these ...

  • Open this When
    Open this When

    Whether your spouse is feeling romantic, angry, bored or naughty, here is a bunch of gifts ...

  • My Precious
    My Precious

    For those who love Lord of the Rings, are you ready to accept the fellowship of the ring?

  • Naughty To-do List
    Naughty To-do List

    Next time you have something dirty in your mind, leave a hint for him/her.

  • Dice & Spice
    Dice & Spice

    A romantic and naughty board game with truths, dares, dirty challenges and lots more to ...

  • Pick-up lines
    Pick-up lines

    Make your spouse/crush roll their eyes and laugh at the same time with these cheesy ...

  • The Miracle Box
    The Miracle Box

    For those with a sense of humour, share a joke in the form of a funny emergency box with a ...