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  • Gift in a Cake
    Gift in a Cake

    Cut a cake and find a gift inside it -  a brand new twist to an age-old celebration.

  • The Great Escake
    The Great Escake

    Who said a cake should look like one? Get your cake to look like a mug of beer, car, poker ...

  • Strings Attached
    Strings Attached

    Gift an extraordinary work of art designed to work as an artistic wooden key holder

  • Never have I ever
    Never have I ever

    Spend the next Saturday night playing this drinking game you are never likely to forget!

  • 15 Feet of Happiness
    15 Feet of Happiness

    A 15-feet long banner with a custom message so big, that it can be read from outer space ...

  • Jack in the box
    Jack in the box

    Next time you want to pay a loved one an unexpected visit, surprise them more by hiding ...