Gazebo by the Beach

A romantic candle light dinner in an exclusive Gazebo by the beach in a 5-star.

INR 28500

Available only in Goa

Helicopter in Jaipur

Pamper your loved ones with a royal experience of owning your private helicopter.

INR 58900

Available only in Jaipur

Up in the Air

Hire a private hot air balloon and cut your chocolate cake on cloud 9.

INR 82050

Available in Mumbai & Pune

Proposal in Hot Air Balloon

Hire a private hot air balloon to propose to your better half in.

INR 54500

Available only in Goa

Cloud No.9

Gift someone an exhilarating experience of a lifetime in the form of an actual sky dive!

INR 29950

Available only in Delhi & NCR

Fairytale Surprise

Take your loved one in a private aircraft and unfold a 70-feet huge banner on the ground for them.

INR 49000

Available only in Hyderabad

Date by the Waterfall

An exclusive candle light dinnerĀ  by the waterfall for a serene and luxurious experience.

INR 22000

Available only in Hyderabad

Dive In Love

How would you like to experience the thrill of scuba diving with your partner and proposing to them underwater?

INR 18500

Available only in Goa
Surprise a date by the poolside

Date by the Poolside

Revel in a romantic sojourn on the poolside with an exclusive candle light dinner!

INR 10450

Available only in Bangalore

Dinner in Paradise

Cherish the most romantic moments with your better half in a luxurious private Cabana.

INR 19900

Available only in Bangalore

Royal Wedding

Celebrate your wedding all over again in an ancient temple with a private collection of Ganesh statues.

INR 54000

Available only in Jaipur

Go Goa

Treat your loved ones to an overnight trip to Goa in a 9-seater luxury jet.

INR 620000

Available only in Hyderabad

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