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  • Walk the Aisle
    Walk the Aisle

    Rekindle the spark. Renew your wedding vows on a private beach in Goa.

  • Dive In Love
    Dive In Love

    How would you like to experience the thrill of scuba diving with your partner and ...

  • Gazebo by the Beach
    Gazebo by the Beach

    A romantic candle light dinner in an exclusive Gazebo by the beach in a 5-star.

  • News Hour with Oye Happy
    News Hour with Oye Hap...

    When you have a lot to say to someone, dedicate an entire news bulletin for them on behalf ...

  • Our Private PVR
    Our Private PVR

    Reserve an entire theatre at a PVR near you and watch your favourite movie in luxury.

  • Hoarding for a day
    Hoarding for a day

    Make your loved one the talk of the town for a day by putting them on a gigantic hoarding!

  • Private Jet
    Private Jet

    Begin your holiday in style by arriving ...

  • Our Private Island
    Our Private Island

    Book an entire island in Kerala and celebrate a special occasion in the most luxurious way.

  • Proposal in Hot Air Balloon
    Proposal in Hot Air Ba...

    Hire a private hot air balloon to propose to your better half in.

  • Chartered Flight to Goa
    Chartered Flight to Go...

    Treat your loved ones to an overnight trip to Goa in a 9-seater luxury jet.