Luxury on Wheels

Make a long drive one to remember in a luxurious, chauffeur driven Jaguar.

INR 11500

Available only in Hyderabad
Gift your boyfriend a long drive and a private flight trip

Surprise in the Sky

Take your loved one on a ride off the ground in your personally chartered aircraft!

INR 15000

Available only in Hyderabad

Date by the Waterfall

An exclusive candle light dinnerĀ  by the waterfall for a serene and luxurious experience.

INR 22000

Available only in Hyderabad

Proposal in Hot Air Balloon

Hire a private hot air balloon to propose to your better half in.

INR 54500

Available only in Goa
Experience a luxurious spa designed exclusively for couples.

Couples Spa at Park Hyatt

Pamper your loved one and yourself with a luxurious massage and an aromatic bath.

INR 11900

Available only in Hyderabad

Up in the Air

Hire a private hot air balloon and cut your chocolate cake on cloud 9.

INR 82050

Available in Mumbai & Pune
Surprise your Boyfriend with an exclusive cabana

You, me and Cabana

Book a private cabana for her at a 5-star hotel and fill the evening with customised surprises.

INR 20000

Available only in Hyderabad

Helicopter in Jaipur

Pamper your loved ones with a royal experience of owning your private helicopter.

INR 58900

Available only in Jaipur

Resort Escapade

Take a long drive to a resort and surprise your spouse with an exclusive candle light dinner.

INR 16400

Available only in Hyderabad

Poolside at Taj

A unique poolside dining experience at Taj West End under the company of the stars

INR 18900

Available only in Bangalore
Reserve a Private yacht in goa

Sunset in the ocean

Book a private yacht and turn a regular vacation into a luxurious experience you will never forget.

INR 19000

Available in Chennai & Goa

Wah Taj

Visit the most romantic wonder of the world in a modified car equipped with all the luxuries you can imagine.

INR 16750

Available only in Delhi & NCR

No more surprises