Surprise a date by the poolside

Date by the Poolside

Revel in a romantic sojourn on the poolside with an exclusive candle light dinner!

INR 10450

Available only in Bangalore

Luxury on Wheels

Make a long drive one to remember in a luxurious, chauffeur driven Jaguar.

INR 11500

Available only in Hyderabad
Experience a luxurious spa designed exclusively for couples.

Couples Spa at Park Hyatt

Pamper your loved one and yourself with a luxurious massage and an aromatic bath.

INR 11900

Available only in Hyderabad
Gift a unique collage of photographs

Wall of Fame

Make a wall the favourite corner of home for everyone with this unique collage of photographs.

INR 14000

Available across India
Gift your boyfriend a long drive and a private flight trip

Surprise in the Sky

Take your loved one on a ride off the ground in your personally chartered aircraft!

INR 15000

Available only in Hyderabad

The Farmhouse Escapade

Why book a room when you can book an entire farmhouse for a day to celebrate an occasion.

INR 15000

Available only in Hyderabad
Gift a Surprise Flash Mob

Flash Mob

Make your loved one say ‘Best. Surprise. Ever’ with your very own private flash mob arranged for just one person.

INR 15000

Available in Bangalore, Chennai & Hyderabad

Resort Escapade

Take a long drive to a resort and surprise your spouse with an exclusive candle light dinner.

INR 16400

Available only in Hyderabad

Wah Taj

Visit the most romantic wonder of the world in a modified car equipped with all the luxuries you can imagine.

INR 16750

Available only in Delhi & NCR

Dive In Love

How would you like to experience the thrill of scuba diving with your partner and proposing to them underwater?

INR 18500

Available only in Goa

Poolside at Taj

A unique poolside dining experience at Taj West End under the company of the stars

INR 18900

Available only in Bangalore
Reserve a Private yacht in goa

Sunset in the ocean

Book a private yacht and turn a regular vacation into a luxurious experience you will never forget.

INR 19000

Available in Chennai & Goa

No more surprises