18 Creative and Memorable Father's Day Gift Ideas for Every Budget

On Father's Day, we celebrate the valuable role in our lives performed by dads and their influence on us. Through this day, we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their love and guidance, which serve as the basis for shaping us into responsible individuals regarding values, identity and life. 

Father's Day marks as a reminder of the greatness of fatherhood, regardless of which person is performing that role, which stretches to grandfathers, uncles, stepfathers, or mentors, acknowledging their unique contribution. 

To make the day more special, you can express your gratitude with our unique gift ideas for Dad. Here, you will get to know about some popular Father's Day gift ideas that can help you bring a smile to your Dad’s face. 

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10 Thoughtful And Budget-Friendly Father's Day Gift Ideas

The love and support of a father are priceless, but we all should make efforts to show our gratitude with simple Father's Day gift ideas. The following ideas will surely make your Father proud to have a child like you. 

1. Father's Day Butterfly Card

Check out the Father's Day Butterfly Card for a fantastic twist. Designed with a distinctive feature, the card is set to spring open with a gentle jerk and wilts a lofty bumblebee across an emerald green background. The butterfly might need a recharge when the card is delivered. Once you twist the butterfly's tail, like winding the key of a watch, about 40 to 50 times, the motion of the fly will be restored. Finally, put it back into the card for the final revelation.

2. Great Indian Dad Mug

One of the best Father's Day gift ideas is a good old Great Indian Dad Mug. This mug is desi-inspired, paying tribute to the marvellous capabilities and advice Indian Dads always bring to the table. The mug cumulates fatherly witticism and acumen through different phrases such as "Subah Jaldi Utho" (Wake up early in the morning), "Aagey ki socho" (Think about the future), and "Yoga karo" (Do yoga).

3. Indian Dad Emoji Cards

With these emoji cards, you can show how much you care and appreciate your Dad. These cards come with standard character emojis displaying a warm message. From rickrolling your dad to laughing along with a laughter emoji, you have a perfect way to show for someone who shared it all.

4. Letters to my Dad

If you are the one who loves penning feelings down, then the "Letter to My Dad" collection is here to provide you with an alternative where you can express yourself. A bundle of seven pre-dictated letters and every particular facet of the father-son or daughter connection is captured here. These letters are poignant tributes to paternal love and one of the great Father's Day gift ideas.

5. Superhero Dad Cushion

Treat your Dad like a mentor, role model, or guide to walk where you walk! Get him a Superhero Dad Cushion. With the "My Dad My Super Hero" design emblazoned, this lovely cushion conveys your gratitude by displaying a permanent message of love. 

6. Dad's Medal of Honor

Fathers are truly deserving of recognition for their efforts in life. Treat your dad to the highest honor with our Best Dad Certificate. This charming and heartwarming frame features a medal that officially declares your dad as the Best Dad globally. Don't miss this chance to brighten his day with this unique gift.

7. Happiness Hamper for Dads

To delight your favourite person, that is your Dad, one gift isn't enough. The hamper surprises your dad with a "Best Dad Award" mirror. It includes five gifts: a medal with certificate, thank you cards with easel, super cape card, makhana box, and more. This can be a great gift hamper for your dad who loves assorted gifts in one. 

8. Flower Shower Bomb for Dad

This sure is the best gift for your dad. He will be surprised to be showered with so much love. This box is packed with 100% genuine dry rose petals. This box is designed to be used again. Just place the petals back into the box, seal it, and use it as many times as you wish. This makes it a versatile and unique gifting option. 

5 Amazing Gifts for The New Dads


Looking to make the new dads or first time dads feel extra special? Check out these amazing gifts that are bound to make them happy. 

1. Hamper for New Dads

This New Daddy Hamper is a delightful gift for new dads. This adorable hamper includes six surprises to bring a smile to their faces. The gifts include a medal with certificate, new daddy mug, super dad cape, letter from the baby, dad sash, footprints frame, and a report card to evaluate their baby-handling skills.

2. Superdad Cape Card

Tell your dad how much he means to you with this card. Write a thoughtful note and gift him this cape card which has an adorable little cape attached to it. He is going to cherish this gift for years to come. 

3. New Daddy Combo

This unique gift card for the soon to be father is a thoughtful gift which is going to make him emotional. He will love to read the personalised message to him from the baby. 

4. First Father's Day Mug

This first Father day mug is going to be special for the first time dad who can carry his coffee oh so proudly to his desk every day. 

5. Celebration Hamper for Dads

This gift set is the tastiest set to make your dad feel like the true hero he is. The set features - Super Dad Cape - Dads for the genuine superheroes in our lives. 

5 Creative Personalised Gift Ideas For Dad

Some of the customised gift ideas for Dad on Father's Day are as follows.

1. Custom Papa Frame

Present this beautifully detailed wooden frame to remember special times with your dad. Add four of your best pictures and write one short, heart-touching caption. This thoughtful gift will not only serve as a decorative but also stand as a shiny reminder of the times you spent together.

2. Father's Day Chronicles Frame

Record your father’s journey through the challenges, and triumphs by creating a personalised newspaper cover story featuring his impressive qualities, hobbies, and traits. This unique and personalised gift stems from your message of love, a funny weather column, an award column, and many more. 

3. Tabletop for Dad

Pass your dad an artist's masterpiece! Give him a small alphabet tabletop Terracotta figure. It is mounted on acacia wood in the Plexi Crystal form. This design will be a perfect decoration for your Dad. Decorate it with three treasured photos to make it absolutely personalised.

4. Custom Radio Show

This time, treat your dad with a custom-made radio program specially dedicated to his persona. Describe his nature, likes, and unique experiences, together with three songs that are his favourite. With the utilisation of experienced voice-over artists and immediate delivery of the message, this virtual show will be an unexpectedly lasting memory.

5. Father's Day Calendar Mug

This Father's Day, gift something that your Dad will cherish and remember for a long time. One fantastic option is an inspirational quotation mug with a printed Father's Day calendar. Comes in multiple colours- white/grey or red/orange style, this marvellous gift will be an absolute hit.


The aspect that makes Father's Day special is recognising and cherishing your dad with a token of love. Designing and selecting presents suitable for distinct recipients is Oye Happy's speciality, and this is how we ensure every gift represents its owner's personality. From our hand-crafted frames to unique personalised experiences, our Dad’s Day gift ideas will definitely surprise him and make him remember his day for a long time. For once, let Oye Happy add some happy and exciting essence to your celebrations and make online gifting more enjoyable.

1. How can I make Father's Day extra special?

A. You can make Father's Day extra special by buying personalised gifts for Dad from Oye Happy.

2. What are some budget-friendly Father's Day gift ideas?

A. Some budget-friendly Father’s Day gift ideas are Butterfly Cards, Indian Dad Mugs, Emoji Cards, Letters to My Dad, and the Superhero Dad Cushion.

3. What's the most popular Father's day gift?

A. The most popular Father's Day gifts include personalised items like customised cards,, and accessories, as well as unique gadgets and photo frames. These gifts show appreciation and thoughtfulness for the special day.

4. What is special about father's day?

A. Father's Day is a special day to celebrate and honour the bond between fathers and their children. It is a time to express gratitude and love for the sacrifices and support that fathers provide, making it a meaningful and memorable occasion.

5. What is the best surprise for father's day?

A. The best surprise for Father's Day is often a thoughtful and personalised gift that reflects the father's interests or hobbies. This could include customised items like cards, personalised photo frames, or unique gadgets that show appreciation and thoughtfulness for the special day.


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