Affordable Gifts For Girlfriend Under Rs.500

Gifts are complicated. Everyone here agrees? If they were not complicated, you wouldn’t be here. Browsing Google for gift ideas for your girlfriend. And landing on the perfect place. You see gifts are complicated because the act of gifting is laced intricately with rituals (for the lack of a better word). It’s almost never about how expensive a gift is as it is about the thought behind your gift. Hence, it takes extra effort to choose a gift for someone you really care about. Especially if that someone is your lady love.

Date Invite

But fret not, we, the people at Oye Happy, are here to help you find the most unique gift for your GF. We have compiled a list of gifts that are under 500 but they are as thoughtful as the best gift can be. We know your love doesn’t care how much money you have in your pocket and it just wants to see your special one happy. And if it is her birthday gift or the anniversary gift you are looking for, then the effort to find the perfect gift doubles. Would she like a bracelet? Maybe a teddy bear? Or chocolates? Well, if you want to see your lady love’s eyes light up with your gift you better be thinking about more than teddy bears and chocolates. Let us tell you what you should be thinking about.

  1. You’ve Got Mail - Rs. 490/-
You've got mail

Delight your girlfriend with a quirky and romantic gift box with extremely unique goodies approved by Cupid himself! The gift consists of a tiny and cutesy heart in a bottle, a packet of milk chocolates and 5 miniature postcards with the following messages:

You make every day a ‘present’ with your presence.

I love you to the sun and back (moon’s too close).

Even when you are in a bad mood, you still look cute.

There is nothing more fun than random conversations with you.

Will you be mine forever, please?

Well, who would be able to say no to a question asked with this cute a gift?

2. Enchanted Mirror Card- Rs. 179/-

Enchanted Mirror

It’s not just a card. It has got magic in it. You can ask the 7 dwarves if you don’t believe! Front of the card says, ‘Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the cutest of them all?’ Inside of the card which has a mirror attached to it says: ‘There was a very close call between baby pandas and you and the mirror has chosen you!’

Magical, isn’t it?

3. Custom Birthday Magnet - Rs. 399/-

Custom Birthday Magnet

There have always been 2 kinds of people – Birthday Lovers and Birthday Haters. This magnet is for the 3rd and rare kind – the Birthday Obsessed! If your girlfriend falls in the third category surprise her with a fridge magnet customised with their favourite photos. Instead of one, we will be adding 4 pictures so that your loved one can change them whenever they want.

This magnet is a perfect birthday gift for your girlfriend and her fridge and maybe her grocery list. 

4. Plant A Tree - Rs. 490

Make your gift help create a greener and better earth. Sponsor the plantation and maintenance of a tree on your girlfriend’s behalf to celebrate the special occasion with her. The trees are planted by a certified social organisation which has planted over a million trees so far. Your GF gets a customised certificate on her WhatsApp or email address (whichever you prefer) to share authenticating the plantation of the tree and the location of the same. She can use the code on the virtual certificate to find the exact location of their tree on the organisation’s website.

5. Emoji Cards - Rs. 349/-

Emoji Cards

If your girlfriend’s favourite thing is texting you, here’s the perfect surprise for her! The surprise includes a bunch of 5 adorable cards – each designed with a commonly loved emoji and a hilarious message to go with it. Here’s the content:

Heart-eyes emoji

You turn my heart into a hoola hoop and make it go Wheeeeeeeeee!

Kiss emoji

Here’s a big MUAH! Just because I feel like it. Oh look, here’s another one. MUAH!

Laughter emoji

Even your terrible jokes are funny to me. Does that mean I really really like you or do I have a bad sense of humour too?

Angry emoji

How dare you come into my life so late? We could have spent more time together. It’s all your fault!

Now go build a time machine or something.

Blushing emoji

You’re so adorable that you sometimes turn me into 50 shades of pink.

Isn’t the gift just adorable and capable of making your girlfriend go awwwww for eternity? What’s better? It only costs you Rs. 349/-

6. Glitter Bomb - Rs. 390/-

Glitter Bomb

Pay us money, give us an address and we’ll prank your girlfriend with so much glitter that she’ll be finding it everywhere for weeks! And laughing for a week after. The glitter will be hidden in a pretty cool box (we designed it ourselves). The moment they open the box, a spring will pop out and spread glitter all over. Promise! This funny and quirky prank gift is guaranteed to bring a smile on anyone’s face.

7. LED Romantic Card - 340/-

Lit Romantic Card

Regular greeting cards are boring. Remind your lady love how much you love her with this unique LED greeting card that lights up with the flick of a button. The front page says ‘I LOVE YOU THIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSS MUCH’. The inside page says ‘ACTUALLY, I LOVE YOU A LOT LOT LOOOOTTTTTT MORE THAN I CAN FIT INSIDE THIS CARD. BUT YOU GET THE GIST, RIGHT?’

This is the cutest card you will ever gift your girlfriend. We promise!

8. Naughty LED Card - 340/-

Naughty LED Card

Take your romance game to the next level (wink wink) with a card you can literally ‘turn on’ with a flick of a button. The card is equipped with LED lights along with a tiny switch. Front of the card says ‘.You Turn Me On’. The content inside the card says ‘You Make Me More Wet Than A Rainforest In Monsoon’.

Is it just us or has the temperature gone up suddenly??

9. Little somethings pouch - 290/-

Little Somethings

Here’s the coolest and the awesomest way of making your girlfriend smile. Grab this surprise of five adorable placards in a pouch that expresses everything you want to. There is also a specially created gift, in the end, to bring a wider smile on their face.

Content on the placards:

  • You are one of those rare species of people who can become absolutely anything they want.
  • You have an amazing sense of humour and can host your own Comedy Nights TV show.
  • You are an exceptionally caring person and can win the Nobel Prize for Peace.
  • You have an adorable smile and can become the brand ambassador for Colgate.
  • But before anything, you’d always be the most awesome person on Earth.

The special person will also find a certificate for being the most awesome person on Earth.

Just how awesome is this?? For only 290/- bucks.

10. Birthday Countdown Mails - Rs. 290/-

Birthday Countdown Mails

If your girlfriend is birthday obsessed, you can’t think of a better surprise than this one. Each day, a beautifully designed letter will be emailed/Whatsapped to her. The first letter will be sent 6 days before their Birthday, the second letter 5 days before and so on. So that you celebrate her entire birthday week. Here are the sample mails:

Letter 1: 6 days to go


It’s the start of your birthday week! And what better way to celebrate the start of birthday week than with a letter? SIX DAYS TO GO!! In six days, you will officially be a year older and, hopefully, even a little wiser. So now that you know that I am as excited about your Birthday as you are (maybe even more), you can quickly share the list of ALL the things you want as Birthday gifts! (Contd)

Letter 2: 5 days to go

Hey again,

Five days to go for d-day! I hope you woke up feeling great about your birthday week, especially after yesterday’s letter from me. I do have that effect on people after all! So I considered buying a genie lamp to make all your wishes come true. I must have rubbed over 600 lamps so far and the only thing that came out was a spider and some dust (you can never trust things from China). But hey, if nothing works out, I’ll be happy to be your genie, master. (Contd)

Letter 3: 4 days to go

Hi again,

Here we go again – another letter! 4 days to go for your birthday (not like you, of all people, need a reminder). So how does it feel standing so close to old age?

By now you must have figured out that this ‘letter ritual’ is going to continue everyday till your birthday. In case you aren’t particularly enjoying these letters, too bad. The letters are enjoying seeing you every day and like the way you smile on seeing them. ? (Contd)

Letter 4: 3 days to go

Hey (again),

It’s just THREE days to go! I tried kidnapping Ricky Martin to wake you up this morning and sing ‘Un, dos, tres

Un pasito pa’lante María.’ But that plan didn’t work out so you might want to consider playing it on Youtube instead.

I hope you’ve decided everything about your birthday by now – gifts that you’d like, the number of cakes you are going to cut, people you are treating, your birthday outfit, how you are celebrating with your planet’s friends? (Contd)

Letter 5: 2 days to go

Hey (again),

Just 2 days to go! I wanted to buy you the Eiffel Tower to cut your Birthday cake in but I couldn’t find a gift wrapping paper big enough to wrap it with. Do you have any idea how excited I’m getting about your birthday? Imagine a hungry monkey, swinging from tree to tree, who just got access to an unlimited amount of bananas forever. THAT excited! (Contd)

Letter 6: 1 day to go

*Clears Throat*

Happy Birthday to you,



Happy Birthday to yoouuuu!

Yeah I know I know your Birthday’s tomorrow and not today but this was just the dress rehearsal. (Contd)

Letter 7: Birthday

*Curtains open*

*Trumpets start to play*

*Confetti bombs burst everywhere*

*A unicorn flies across the sky*

*A random baby is crying in a corner*

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear awesome-est person in the world,

Happy Birthday to Yoouuuu! (Contd)

   11. Quirky Fridge Magnets - Rs. 490/-

Quirky Fridge Magnets

Turn your GF’s fridge into a carousel of memories with a really unique magnet customised with her favourite photos. Instead of one, we will be adding 4 pictures so that your girlfriend can change them whenever she wants. All you have to do is select a magnet of your choice, upload 4 pictures and let us handle the rest. 

You can choose any ONE magnet from the following options:

  • My growing old together partner
  • Soulmates
  • Tom and Jerry
  • President of lizard haters association
  • Travel Addicts

And it costs only 490/- bucks.

  12. Cuddle/Make Out Contract

Cuddle Contract

Send your girlfriend a formally packaged envelope comprising a hilarious contract binding her into an inescapable act.

You can choose one from any of the following contracts.

Make Out Contract

Within each contract, you will find a list of funny terms to be fulfilled by the recipient. Failure to complete the contract card under the hereto terms and agreements set forth by the court of Oye Happy will result in some pretty dire consequences.

Sample Content of Make Out Contract:

  • The recipient will begin the act in one or more of the following ways:
  • ( ) Wet Kiss
  • ( ) Inappropriate fondling
  • ( ) Love bite
  • ( ) Strip dance
  • The recipient will set the mood with a
  • ( ) set of scented candles
  • ( ) chocolate syrup
  • ( )Romantic music
  • ( ) a pair of handcuffs

Sample Content of Cuddle Contract:

  • The cuddle process will begin with one of the following rituals
  • ( ) Nibble on the ear
  • ( ) Grizzly bear hug
  • ( ) Eskimo nose rub
  • ( ) Puppy-face kiss
  • The recipient has to be cuddled at least _________ times in a day by the client during the contractual period and each cuddle will begin with the words______________________

This standard product is ready to make your GF giggle (and then some) at just Rs. 290/-

13. Great Indian Girlfriend Mug - Rs. 299/-

Great Indian Girlfriend Mug

‘I am hungry,’ ‘I have nothing to wear,’ ‘How do I look?,’ etc. are just some of the automated statements every Indian girlfriend makes. Pay a tribute to your amazing girlfriend with an equally amazing mug dedicated to every ‘Great Indian Girlfriend’.

14. Date Coupons - 390/- (Discounted Price)

img src="" alt="">
Date Coupons

Deciding on the perfect thing to do together is one of the most complicated things in every relationship. If you agree, let us help you with a bunch of redeemable date coupons you can gift to your girlfriend. From board game evenings and no cell-phone dinners to spontaneous dancing sessions and naughty dates – your GF can choose to redeem any coupon from you whenever she wants. To make it even more exciting, every coupon comes with a feedback form she can fill to review your efforts and give you ratings!

15. Naughty Invite - Rs. 330/-

Naughty Invite

This gift will earn you a very very awesome night indeed if you and your girlfriend are past the makeout stage. 

The best foreplays often need the most creative of ideas. Be a host for the evening by giving your GF a formal invitation to your bedroom for a private party for 2.

Content on the Invite:

This is a limited edition invitation for a date where the only cuisine on the platter would be you. So, my dear invitee, I’d like to cordially invite you to our bedroom tonight on the occasion of my sudden burst of love for you and my desire to show it in more ways than one. Kindly keep your evening, and the rest of the night, free because I intend to keep you awake.

Venue: I have reserved the bed but we can party wherever you like

Dress Code: No matter what you choose to wear, there won’t be any of it left

Keep your phone off so we can focus on turning on other things. If you have any special request or fantasy, I’ll be obliged to attend to them as your host.

Are you blushing yet? 

 16. The Dead Lizard Prank - 390/-

Dead Lizard Prank

Is your girlfriend a person who’d rather die than get close to a reptile? Prank her with a fake lizard (which looks anything but fake) hidden neatly inside a quirky gift box. Oye Happy is not responsible for any loss of life, property or relationship caused by this surprise. We, however, take full responsibility for the laughter that follows. No animals were hurt in the making of this gift. One of our Happiness Crew members stubbed a toe while packing it though.

17.  Romantic Pie Cards - 399/-

Romantic Pie Cards

If your GF is someone who cannot get enough of equations, pie charts and graphs, here’s the perfect nerdy surprise for her! The package includes a bunch of 10 adorable cards – each designed with an adorable graph and a hilarious message to go with it. You can choose to give them to your girlfriend all at once or one at a time to keep her surprised throughout the day.

This pack of awesome cards statistically solves some of the most fundamental questions of every relationship such as “What I do when I miss you,” “What is the foundation of our relationship” and “What I mean when I tell you I am gussa with you.”

18. Long Distance Mug - Rs. 299/- 

Long Distance Mug

Are you in a Long Distance Relationship? And counting days left to meet her? Research, conducted by happiness scientists in Oye Happy, proves that counting the days left to meet someone makes waiting a lot more exciting. Use the complimentary marker pen to scribble the days left to meet the love of your life and the closer you get to that final date, better the coffee will taste.

19. Lit For You - Rs. 449/-

Lit for You

Here’s one of the cutest ways of asking her to be yours forever. Instead of getting her to say ‘yes’, get her to flick a button instead. The tiny handcrafted jar is fitted with a battery-operated light and packed in a gift box with the message ‘Always be mine, ok?’

20. Travel Countdown Magnet - Rs. 499/-

Travel Countdown Magnet

If your girlfriend is someone who actively, madly, and possessively counts the days left to travel, gift her a magnet she can use as a countdown to the number of days left to travel. The magnet is complemented with a rewritable marker pen for them to write the destination with.

Phew! 20 thoughtful gifts within Rs. 500/- for none other than your girlfriend. Quite a task isn’t it? But, we compiled the list at last. So, what are you still here for? Go check them out!!!!

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