Everything About Mother's Day: History, Description And Facts

National Mother's Day is an emotional homage to the superwomen who love us through every moment of today and tuck us into bed with hopes for the future. It is a day full of tears, laughter, and the wonderful smell of mom's baked goods. Every time spent with Mom is a priceless memory to keep, from her gentle goodnight kisses to her reassuring hug that makes you feel at home. Here's to the mother of our hearts, the defender of our aspirations, and the epitome of love itself—Happy Mother's Day to the one whose precious heartbeats brighten our world daily. As this big day approaches us this year on 12 May 2024, let's together dig into the rich tapestry of Mother's Day history, discover fascinating trivia, and find enjoyable ways to pour in inspiration to honour the priceless relationship between a mother and her kid, along with precious Mother's Day Gifts.

Origin Of Mother's Day

Mother's Day originated in the early 20th century due to the passionate campaign of American activist Anna Jarvis to establish a dedicated day to celebrate mothers. Inspired by her mother's unselfish love, Jarvis wanted to establish a particular time for families to show their appreciation. Her dream came true in 1914 when President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the second Sunday in May as Mother's Day in the US. 

It was intended to be a sincere way for people worldwide to honour and recognize mothers' enormous sacrifices and unwavering devotion. Over time, the global adoption of this custom serves as a constant reminder to value and pay tribute to the amazing women who have shaped our lives.

Fun Facts About Mother's Day

Let's uncover some fun facts about this special day that will leave you in awe:

  • We make the most phone calls on Mother's Day all year, so it's more than just a day for flowers and chocolates! The second Sunday of May sees approximately 122 million calls.


  • More people purchase flowers for their mothers on Mother's Day than any other occasion, even though it's the third-highest flower-selling event. This particular day accounts for one-quarter of all annual flower purchases.


  • You may be surprised to learn that ancient Greece is the birthplace of one of the first Mother's Day traditions. They held spring celebrations in honour of Rhea, the goddess of maternity.


  • Not only is "Mom" a word, but for most babies, it's also their first sound! Not surprisingly, the word for mother begins with the letter 'M' in almost all languages.


  • Celebrated as a feast, Mother's Day is more than just a reward for mothers. About 48% of people choose to eat out on this day, making it the busiest day for restaurants of the year.

Why Do We Celebrate Mother's Day?

Mother's Day 2024 is a delightful occasion to celebrate emotions and pay tribute to the amazing women who bring love and light into our lives. It's a time to honour moms for their selfless giving of unconditional affection, gentle advice, and numerous sacrifices. Mother's Day is a celebration of the special relationship between a mother and her child—a bond woven with love that endures the test of time—from the first delicate touch to the innumerable bedtime stories. It's a day to show our mothers how much we appreciate and value all the love they offer us without effort every day of the year!


World Mother's Day celebrates the fantastic women who impact our lives with unbeatable support and infinite love rather than merely a date on the calendar! From its modest beginnings to its worldwide significance, Mother's Day serves as a reminder of women's enormous impact on our society. Let's enjoy the pleasure of presenting unique and special online gifts from Oye Happy, like a Mother's Day Butterfly Card or a Mother's Day Custom Hamper, to the caring mothers in our lives to show our sincere thanks and admiration. May every day be Mother's Day, full of joy, love, and treasured moments spent with the amazing women who brighten our lives daily!

FAQs On Mother's Day 2024

1. Which Day Is International Mother's Day?

A. International Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year. It honours mothers' sacrifices, love, and immeasurable impact on our lives worldwide.

2. Are There Any Traditional Gifts Associated With Mother's Day?

A. Yes, some traditional gifts associated with Mother's Day include chocolates, flowers, and heartfelt handwritten notes. But to give her something unique, you can get your hands on a Mother's Day Chronicle or a Mother's Day Combo from Oye Happy, which will make her day extra memorable and special.

3. How Do You Explain Mother's Day To A Child?

A. Mother's Day is a special day on which we get to express our gratitude to our mothers for being the best mothers ever! To express how much we care, we might create their artwork, send them cards with heartfelt texts, or give them plenty of hugs and kisses. We get to treat moms like superheroes because they are, and it's like a huge party exclusively for them!

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