From the Heart: Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Every Love Story


Valentine’s Day is here. And all the romantics in all corners of the world are either looking forward to this day with anticipation or yearning for someone to spend it with. And what a time to be in love during valentine’s day. 7 days to celebrate love or to go after it in the most romantic way possible. So, what are the Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to make sure you - the person in love - show how much love you hold for your partner during this most romantic time of the year. Honestly, hallmark movies should get on with Valentine’s Day along with Christmas. 

Discover Unique Valentine's Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones -

For the Romantics:

The following Valentine’s Day Present Ideas are for the romantics. If you and your partner love romantic gestures, if your love language is thoughtful gifts that make the moment special, these are the unique valentine’s gift ideas you need. 

7 Days of Valentine Gift Hamper

This premium hamper has 7 gifts for all the 7 days of Valentine. Rose day gift for rose day, Kissathon game box for kiss day, thoughtfully written cards for promise day, LED heart lamp for rose day gift, the cutest stuffed heart toy for teddy day. And most important of all it includes our name a star gift for valentine’s day.



Butterfly Explosion Valentine's Day Gift Box

This is the Valentine's present idea we are most proud of at Oye Happy. The box opens to butterflies that fly the moment your partner opens the gift box.  The experience itself will leave you in awe of the moment. Furthermore, for the cherry on top, your partner will find a heart shaped teddy inside which talks. So we have named him Ted Talks. Once your partner picks up the teddy and squishes it, she will hear your message in your voice. All you have to do is, go to our website, upload your voice note and place the order to make your valentine’s day gift most special. 

7 Days of valentine explosion hamper

This 7 days of Valentine hamper comes with a twist. And this valentine day gift idea is for the ones who love being playful with their loved ones.  The moment this valentine gift box is opened it covers the person opening it with heart shaped glitter. And then once your partner is recovered from the initial surprise they will find 7 cutest gifts for the entire week of Valentine and one special personalised gift for Valentine’s Day.


  • Valentine Video Box

This gift box opens to a customized video playing. All you have to do is go to our website, upload a video of your choice to be played in the hamper (it can be your favorite memory or a special message from you). This video hamper box you can either purchase as an empty gift box or you can go for a complete hamper filled with gifts. This is one of our premium Valentine hampers to make your partner feel special on a special day.

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  • 24 Hour Valentine Hamper

Why get a single gift when you can surprise your Valentine for an ENTIRE day? Get this 24-Hour Valentine Hamper and keep your partner delighted throughout the day with our bestselling gifts.

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Lovers day gift ideas For Adventurous Couples:

If your partner is as adventurous as you are, these are a few Valentine’s ideas they will love. However, if they are more romantic than adventurous, we highly suggest you don't force your partner or put them in a difficult spot by arranging an adventurous activity they may not be comfortable with. 

  • Rock climbing session

Rock climbing is a great way to spend your valentine’s for couples who would rather have an adrenaline rush than a romantic date complete with fairy lights and roses. You can book a rock climbing in all metro cities for a day of fun. However, if you want to make a trip out of it for the whole week of Valentine, here are some of the best rock climbing places in India - Sar Pass in Himachal, Malshej Ghat in Maharashtra, Hampi in Karnataka, Paithamala in Kerala.

  • Escape room challenge:

Escape room challenges are another fun way to spend time together as a team. As they say, team workers make the best partners. And we couldn’t agree more. Solving a problem together as partners and as a team is something that forever couples do. Significance of solving problems in an escape room is more than what meets the eye. It brings you closer and makes your bond stronger.

Valentine’s Day Present Ideas for Budget-Conscious couples:

This is not a card. This is an emotion. This Valentine card is so adorable that your partner won't be able to stop smiling after receiving this card.

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The cutest Valentine gift you will ever find online in India. We are not exaggerating. Just go to our online gift website and take a look yourself. The pet heart with its glittering eyes and the adorable message it comes with is enough to make your partner smile the entire day. 

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This pinterest-y flower bouquet card is for the couples who value meaningful messages over everything else. This valentine card is a treat for the eyes and the soul. 

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Follow These Tips While Buying The Valentine's Gift For Your Partner

  1. Always think about what your partner would like as opposed to what you would like for him or her.
  2. If you don’t know what she or he would like, go to their instagram profile, check the list of brands they follow and get a gift from one of these brands. This is a foolproof plan in case you are not sure what to get for your partner. 
  3. You can apply the above mentioned idea to their pinterest boards as well.
  4. A thoughtful gesture will always mean to your loved one more than any materialistic gestures. You can write romantic letters, use your craft to create something meaningful for your partner. Paint something they will like if you are into painting, code a flower if you are into coding. Effort is always appreciated. 
  5. For more valentine week gift ideas visit our online gift store. You won’t be disappointed.

FAQ - 

1.What are some of the best Valentine's day gifts?

A. Some of the best Valentine gift ideas are: Love memory magnets, name a star after your loved one or a customised radio show made especially for your partner.

2.How can I make my Valentine's gift extra special?

A. Whether you need first valentine's day ideas for valentine present ideas for seasoned couples, the best place to look is your home. What kind of products do they use? What kind of movies do they watch? What is their favourite pass time? Take cues from these answers to plan the perfect valentine’s day surprise.

3.What if I can't afford anything fancy for the Valentine's gift?

A. If you can’t afford anything expensive, that is nothing to worry about. Love has been equally present in Mirza Ghalib’s poem as it has been in Taj Mahal. One can’t compare one with the other. Make sure you pour your heart into your gesture, no matter what it is. It can be a home cooked meal, a freshly baked cake or even an activity you love doing together.

4.How to choose the best gift for Valentine's day?

A.The best Valentine’s day gift is the one that makes your partner feel loved. Read on this blog for the tips and ideas to make your partner feel loved on Valentine’s day.


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