My best friends gave me the world's biggest birthday gift!

Right when the clock struck 12 at midnight, my best buddies were outside my door, with my favorite chocolate cake to wish me. I cut the cake, clicked selfies with them and like any other birthday, I thought that was the celebration. But I was wrong!

With absolutely no special plans on my birthday, I just messaged my best friends that we'd go out for lunch next day. Next morning, as usual I was greeted by my family, relatives and other friends. I thought it was just another birthday while I got dressed to go out for lunch. I reached the restaurant and was surprised to see my friends, who'd be otherwise late for any meet up already waiting there at the entrance.

Suddenly one of them came to me and blindfolded me as I walked forward. He said 'there's something huge for you, that I couldn't fit in my pocket'. Continuously guessing what it could be, he finally asked me to open my eyes. And there was a huge red gift box, right in front of me. Fearing it to be yet another prank by my 'monster-friends', I reluctantly pulled the ribbon on the box and opened it. I was amazed at what I saw. Dozens of heart-shaped balloons flew out into the sky. And when I peeped inside the box there were dozens of little gifts my friends had gotten me. I was so excited as I opened each of them.



This was the best birthday gift I've ever got. And my friends made my 21st birthday the most exciting one of my life. I just wish I could have caught a few balloons before they flew.

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