Adorable Propose Day Gift Ideas For Valentine

If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for ways to ask, ‘Will you be my Valentine?’ Let us help you do it in a way that creates butterflies in the other person’s tummy as well. Propose Day is celebrated on the 8th of February, following Rose Day on the 7th of Feb. If roses are the way to confess your love, then the next natural step is to seal the deal with a romantic proposal. For proposals to be genuinely romantic and memorable, gestures are as important as words. We at Oye Happy are here to help you with some of the cutest Propose Day gift ideas.

Top 5 Propose Day Gift Ideas For Him:

Spinwheel Proposal Card

When you want to propose to someone but are too insecure to face rejection, get this spinwheel proposal card. Jokes apart, this is the perfect Propose Day gift idea to bring a big smile to his face.

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7 Days of Valentine Glitter Hamper

Warning: This gift is for hardcore romantics only. If you can relate to being one, click on the link. We’ve just saved you the effort of finding a gift for each day of Valentine. This hamper has it all.

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Premium 7 Days of Valentine

The concept behind the hamper is the same as above. What makes it different is the choice of gifts. Click on both the links and compare for yourselves.

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Butterfly Box Ted Talks

We’ve saved the best for last. Why, you may ask. Click on the link and find out. Cuteness awaits. And don’t forget to check out the video. We made it ourselves.

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Valentine Proposal Box

This is exclusively for people who like things overloaded with cuteness. If your Valentine’s exactly the kind of person, you know what to get.

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Top 5 Propose Day Gift Ideas For Her:

Proposal Mail Box 

The best love stories need the occasional gesture of romance. If you’re looking for a cute Propose Day gift for your gf without burning a hole in your pocket, this is just the right way. And even if she rejects the gift, you can always console yourself with the yummy chocolates in the box.

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Lit Proposal Card

Proposals are meant to be lit. This one’s lit quite literally. This Propose Day gift idea is designed to light up at the flick of a button. Dazzling, isn’t it? Make sure you scribble your own note inside the card to make it a little more thoughtful.

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LED Proposal Card

This proposal card is designed just for Propose Day. Just get it from, write a heartfelt note, get on your knees, and give it to your Valentine. Adding chocolate, flowers, or a ring would add a nice touch.

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Proposal Combo

When you’re not sure about what to get your Valentine, getting multiple gifts is a safer thing to do. Especially when it comes to buying a Propose Day gift for husbands. Men, after all, are hard to please with gifts.

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Bouquet on a Card 

Flowers will never go out of fashion. Especially when gifting companies like Oye Happy continue to innovate with the concept of bouquets to create unique gifts like these.

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Thoughtful Gestures That Make Your Propose Day Gift Memorable:

Homemade treats - Make a greeting card. Bake a heart-shaped cake. Make Maggi and write a letter to go with it. There are so many ways to add your own creative touch without even having to leave your home. When it comes to making gestures, it’s the thought that counts.

Handwritten love letters - As long as love stories exist, so will love letters. Pick a pen and write one. And no, don’t use ChatGPT for it. AI can never be as romantic as the person reading this article.

Romantic Dinner - Or how about the old-fashioned way of booking a fancy dinner and popping the question over her favorite dessert?

Propose Day is a special day. Make the gesture equally special. As long as you personalize the gift or the experience for your Valentine, they are bound to fall in love with it. Trust us.


1.Is it necessary to propose with a gift?

A. No. A proposal is a gesture, and the best gestures are those that are thoughtful, creative, and personalized for the person.

2.What are some of the best gifts for Propose Day 2024?

A. 7 Days of Valentine Hamper and the Spin Wheel Proposal Card by Oye Happy are two of the best gifts for Propose Day 2024.

3.How much should I spend on a gift for Propose Day?

A. Money doesn’t count. It’s the thought that does. However, that doesn’t mean that you can get away with a candy worth Rs.5.

4.What are the best lines to propose to a girl?

A. "I love you a little more than yesterday and a little less than tomorrow. I promise to always say silly things like these to make you smile."


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