15 Unique And Romantic Date Ideas For Crazy Couples!

Dating is important - not just for spending time with your loved one, but also for knowing each other perfectly and sharing memorable experiences in the relationship. At the beginning of a relationship, a good date sets the stage for further bonding and helps you understand the other person. Whether it's a movie you see, a meal you eat, or a place you visit, it's important to have fun experiences together to keep getting to know each other. These days, planning for dates is much harder than before. Whether you're going to work or walking 20 steps from your bed go to your temporary work table and come back again, most of us don’t have that much creativity at the end of the day. And if you have kids studying from home or even toddlers around(or a combination of both), that’s another level of stress. But, to make relationships fun, you need to put in that extra effort on your part by planning some cute and romantic date ideas. 

A rewarding relationship is one filled with experiences that create good memories. Going on frequent dates can be a great way of keeping the romance alive. How often do you go out for dinner and a movie? Not that there's anything wrong with those quintessential date ideas, but it gets boring and tedious after a while. Especially if you've been in a relationship for a good length of time, by now you have probably run out of unique date ideas for couples. Even people involved in long-term relationships need to go on dates as much as the newly formed couples need to. So, for those of you who feel stuck in a "dating block" here are some ideas for planning a fun and exciting couples' day out? Whether you are looking for ideas for a fun first date, or you are in a marriage, a serious relationship, or somewhere in between, here are 15 of our best date ideas along with some tips and tricks to ace the dating game.

1. Go restaurant hunting- If you are bored with all the places that you have eaten at over the years, check out some other new locations. Try to pick up the places that you have never been to before and experiment with their food, cuisine, and aura of different restaurants. Go out for dinner or lunch dates at these random places to unfold the element of excitement in your dates.

2. Play tourist in your hometown- When did you last make the most of the places that every friend or relative wanted to see when they visited? Maybe the last time you had visitors outside the city, that's it. Take an afternoon or evening and hit the landmarks of your city, visit some major tourist attractions, and fall in love with your place and partner all over again.

Hop in your car or book those tickets and see where the weekend can land you. It isn't about going on fancy long vacations all the time. Even exploring the next city on the coming weekend can be a good adventure, especially if you’re doing it with someone you love and adore.

4. Go out shopping together- Mostly, one out of two in a couple is a shopping freak. While the other one is not. Try to activate your shopping hormones and go out on a shopping date with your partner. Also, you can go grocery shopping together. It will be a fun addition to the daily responsibilities. Do you need eggs and bread? Turn a boring daily job into a fun couple's job. Divide your list in half by race to see who can finish it first, or just navigate by hand.

5. Learn a new skill- You do not have to invest in expensive gadgets to try something new. Give a try to those DIY origami tricks, drawings, or even making clay planters together. You’d love to see how great you guys are at learning together. Plus, it will be a great way to take out some relaxing time from your hectic schedule for your loved one.

6. Grow a small garden to together- Go to the nursery and buy some plants to grow a compact garden together. Grow only one-year-old annual flowers, or fast-paced fruits and vegetables, and lead yourself to another follow-up couple's activity: making a meal together.

7. Try those couple yoga classes together- Go for a couple's yoga session with your partner and make the workout fun and interesting. Also, this can be a good way to focus on your health while spending some quality time with your better half.

8. Book a couple's spa session- A couple's spa can be one of the hottest ways to bond with your partner and have a chill pill together. What could be more romantic than spending time with your partner in a very relaxed setting? If a full body massage is not your cup of tea, try a gentle foot massage, or you can even learn how to give each other an intimate and relaxing body massage.

9. Plan a historical date- Why not buckle up and visit those historical sites together? You want to make your love blossom historically, don't you? Visit a museum or visit those famous places with historical stories of love. Hire a guide or make a plan after your research on when and how to visit such places.

10.Go on a dancing date- Find a place where good music or dance lessons are taught and attend those together. Put on your dancing shoes, play your favorite playlists, and dance with your partner as if no one is watching. Bonus points if you take the dance category and the type of dance you two have never tried. Just try not to step on your partner's toes too many times.

11. Camping Dates- Go camping together. From eating those cup noodles to the bonfire, from sleeping together in that little tent to climbing those mountains, camping can be a pretty good date idea for couples.

12. Attend a charity event- Attend a charity event that allows both of you to learn more about the world around you. It reminds us not only of our happiness but also of our time spent in service to others. Contribute together at social service or charity and bring new meaning to the idea of a perfect date.

13. Teach a new sport to your partner- This is fun because one of you will be a “teacher” and the other will become a “student”. Take up the challenge of teaching a new indoor or outdoor sport to your partner. This will be one of the most fruitful ways of spending time with each other.

14. Organise a Baking Night- Cooking Day is another kind of romantic and beautiful date idea. Curate a menu and start cooking together. Trust us, you guys will have an amazingly romantic baking experience in the kitchen.

15. Take your partner to your favorite childhood spot- This is something that you will enjoy the most. Take each other out to a memorable place that makes sense to you or reminds you of something special. It is good to see a glimpse of your spouse's childhood and to listen to their adorable stories as they share their experiences.8

It can be a good idea to send this list to your date and ask them to choose a few they would like to go ahead with. Remember, it is very important to keep your youthful love alive no matter what, and make your special occasions more special together by going on such unique dates as a couple. Now that you have a bunch of best date ideas, why not start planning for some of these ideas for the next anniversary or birthday that the two of you will be celebrating together? Also, we have an excellent collection of personalized couple gifts on  https://www.oyehappy.com/gifts/for-couple/ 

If you are still stuck and need more encouragement, do this exercise with your partner. Set a timer for five minutes and see who can write down the most number of couple date ideas. Also, we would recommend that you do something more creative by writing down each idea on a piece of paper and putting it in a jar to draw a different date idea for every time you need inspiration. Share your favorite ideas from the list that you are planning to try out for the next date and also share your experiences about the same. We would love to know about it.

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