Heartfelt Propose Day Gifts For Forever Love

Hey there, lovebirds! With Propose Day just round the corner, we know that you are still figuring out the best way to say those magical words to your special someone. Don’t worry, Oye Happy is here to help you! In this blog, we will take you through a collection of thoughtful and meaningful propose day gifts to make your proposal memorable. Whether you are planning something grand or just an intimate moment, you can express your emotions with these special  propose day gift ideas.

Melt your beloved’s heart with the right kind of gifts for 8th Feb Propose day  and see them smile the brightest. Let’s check out some amazing propose day gift ideas to make your proposal unforgettable!

Explore Best & Creative Propose Day Gift Ideas To Celebrate Love

My Heart Is Yours

The best love stories need the occasional gesture of romance. If you’re looking for a cute way of asking your special someone out, this adorable stuffed toy with a heartfelt note inside is your perfect choice.

Lit Proposal Card

Greeting cards are always the safest choice when you are planning to surprise your special someone. Ask your better half to be yours forever with this cutest greeting card that lights up at the flick of a button.

LED Proposal Card

Pop the question - ‘Will you be my Valentine?’ - with this adorable and very subtle proposal card.This is the sure shot way of making your beloved fall for you!

Proposal Combo

And if you are looking out to surprise your special one with the most heartwarming proposal ever, this cute and super romantic proposal hamper is your answer.

Valentine Proposal Box

Want to ask someone to be your Valentine but don’t want to be too cheesy? Or too lame? But still want to have just the right amount of humor and cuteness. Well, this adorably designed proposal box just fits your requirement. This valentine proposal box is not only super romantic but also hilarious.

Top 5 Propose Day Gift Ideas For Him

Surprise the special man in your life this Propose day with the most meaningful gifts. Whether your love is budding or you are dreaming about your happily ever after with him, sweep him off his feet with the best proposal gifts ever. Be it propose day gifts for boyfriend or propose day gifts for husband, Oye Happy offers a wide range of super romantic gifts to make the man in your life smile the brightest. Let’s have a look at them -

Ted Talks 

Valentine's Day Gift For Wife

You love him a lot and yet you are not sure about how to express your feelings? Or propose him in the best way possible? This cuddly and squishy toy does exactly that! Here’s the most romantic way to speak your heart out in front of your bae. You just have to record your message and share it with your partner. And done! Ted will take care of the rest.

Letters to my Love 

No matter how many texts you may share with each other, love letters will never lose their charm. Here’s the perfect old school gesture to melt him faster than a slab of butter. Propose your lovely man with the most romantic letters ever.

Seven Reasons Why

Romantic greeting cards have just become way cooler and a lot more awesome. Tell him why you love him and ask him to be your valentine in a beautiful way with this adorable card. This card is designed with 7 miniature envelopes – each with a reason for your loved one to be yours forever.

Frame a Star 

Your star deserves a star too! Propose him for a happily-ever-after by naming a star after him and make your love eternal. This is hands down the perfect propose day gift if you are planning on popping the question anytime soon.

Proposal Mail box 

The best love stories need the occasional gesture of romance. If you’re looking for a cute way of proposing to someone to be your Valentine, you are at the right place. This adorable mailbox contains chocolates, postcards, magnets and everything that’s required for a perfect proposal.

Top 5 Propose Day Gift Ideas For Her

Make her heart skip a beat with the most romantic propose day gifts for the woman in your life! Whether you are searching for propose day gifts for girlfriend or propose day gifts for wife, Oye Happy offers a thoughtful range of gifts to make your proposal as unique and as sweet as your love story.

7 Gifts 7 Promises 

Promise Day Gift

Propose the special woman in your life with the most special gift ever. Promise her that you will always be there for her with this adorable propose day hamper. Each gift comes with a promise that you make to your partner and is guaranteed to make her shed happy tears

Radio Show

Women love grand gestures & this is the most grandest and cutest  way to tell her what she means to you. Propose the woman in your life with a full-on radio show!

Growing Old Together 

Thinking about how to tell her that you wanna spend your life with her? Here’s the most subtle and the cutest way! Surprise your special someone with a sneak peek into the future together with this one-of-a-kind frame.

Valentine Pop Box

The fastest way to a women’s heart is Diamonds! The second fastest is humor!! Here’s a gift to ask the woman in your life out in the most hilarious way. 

Video Box 

Valentine's Day Gift


And finally a gift to propose to your lady in the most filmy way possible! Pop the question with this one-of-a-kind gift box that plays a video of your choice as soon as it’s opened.

Thoughtful Gestures That Make Your Propose Day Gift Memorable

Another way of making your proposal memorable is treating your partner with the most thoughtful and loving gestures. You can infuse personal touch into your special moments by expressing your genuine feeling towards the love of your life. Let’s have  a look at some meaningful gestures to make your proposal a cherished memory.

  • Homemade treats

              The best way to anyone’s heart is through homemade treats. You can either cook your      partner’s favorite meal or bake something delicious and tell them how you feel about them while they relish your surprise! 

  • Handwritten love letters

Nothing beats the charm of handwritten love letters yet! Express your love towards the apple of your eye by writing them romantic love letters and confessing your feelings in the most beautiful way.  

  • Romantic Date

Finally, take your beloved on a romantic date and speak your heart out. It can be a candle light dinner or a stroll near your favorite spot or even a trip to any place that’s special to both of you. Make them feel special and then express your feelings 


In wrapping up this propose day gifts journey, we sincerely hope you liked the above mentioned suggestions. Proposing someone is a very special moment for both the partners. And therefore, it’s always better to say it with a gift. Accompany your heartfelt proposal with the perfect propose day gift and make the moment a cherished memory or both your partner and yourself.

At Oye Happy, we believe that gifts are the best way to someone’s heart. And when it comes to finding the right gift, Oye Happy is your go to website. From personalized gifts to the most unique gifts, we have a beautiful collection of online gifts to make your moments extra special. 

FAQ - 

  1. Is it necessary to propose with a gift?

Proposing with a gift is always a better idea. It makes your partner feel special.

  1. What are some of the best gifts for Propose Day 2024?

Some of the best propose day 2024 gifts are Stars Above Us, Proposal Mail Box and Lit Romantic Card

  1. How much should I spend on a gift for propose day?

         Spending on gifts depends on your budget. Oye Happy has a wide range of affordable propose day gifts.

  1. What are the best lines to propose to a girl?

Best lines to propose to a girl are the ones that make her smile the brightest. Most important part is to be original and not copy cheesy lines from internet.

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