10 Gifts For Your Loved ones on Teddy Day

Top 10 Huggable Gifts For Your Loved Ones on Teddy Day

Teddy Day is celebrated on the 10th of February each year. It’s followed by Chocolate Day. The only reason we can imagine is that chocolate creates a lot of dopamine in the brain and it probably makes people want to cuddle. If there’s another more logical reason behind celebrating Teddy Day on the 10th of Feb, we are yet to find out. For those looking to celebrate a very Happy Teddy Day as part of the Valentine Week celebrations, snuggle in because we are about to take you on a journey. 

Top 10 Adorable Teddy Day Gift Ideas That You Should Consider

Here are some of the best teddy day gifts you can consider buying online for your loved ones. 

1.Ted Talks - Meet ted. He’s cute. He’s cuddly. And he can talk! Ted Talks is India’s first recordable stuffed toy that is equipped with an audio module. Just record a cute teddy day message and hide it inside the toy. Every time your Valentine gives it a squeeze, your recording will play. 

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2.Talking Smiley Cushion - If you’d rather gift something bigger and cuddlier, pick a larger version of Ted Talks. 

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3.Heart in a Box - Teddy Days are all about cuddles and cuteness. And nothing is cuter than a fluffy heart waiting for a hug. Besides, it’s designed with 2 adorable eyes crafted to melt your heart like a slab of butter.

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4.Customized Cushion - If your partner’s not into stuffed toys at all, gift them a cushion customized with their favourite photograph. 


5.2 States Cushion - And if you’re the kind of person who believes in treating yourself as much as your partner, get a pair of 2 cushions - one for yourself and one for your long-distance Valentine. 

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6.7 Days of Valentine Hamper - Why just buy a gift for Teddy Day when you can surprise your Valentine for the entire Valentine Week? This hamper is an adorably unique gift for each day, including Teddy Day. 

7 Days of Valentine Explosion Gift Box


7.Premium 7 Days of Valentine Hamper - And if you’re the sort of person who doesn’t look at price tags when it comes to pampering your Valentine, may we suggest a slightly premium version of the Valentine week hamper?

7 Days of Valentine Premium Hamper


8.Frame the Name - Do you think that your partner makes the cutest teddy in the world? How about you Cuddle Contract spell the word ‘Teddy’ using their favourite photographs? It’s bound to bring a wide smile on your human teddy’s face. 

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9.Valentine Week Letters - When you date an old school romantic, letters never fail to impress. Check out the link and read the teddy day letter to know why it would make the perfect gift for that day. 

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10.Cuddle Contract - Teddies mean cuddles. And if you’re the sort of person who takes cuddles very seriously, better make your Valentine sign a contract then.

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Teddy Bears make the cutest, cuddliest and the most romantic gifts. 

Flowers, cakes and teddies are probably the first gifts ever conjured by mankind. And they refuse to fade. On the contrary, the search for teddy day gift ideas only increases every year. Maybe that’s the magic of Teddy Day on Valentine’s Week. It makes even the cynics turn into romantics, even if it’s just for Teddy Day. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a stuffed animal in their bedroom, for those who are in relationships only for cuddles, this day is probably bigger than Christmas. And now we are suddenly craving a tight hug too. 

Significance Of Teddy Bears In Building Romantic Relationships

A teddy is like pizza. Everybody loves one. And it also happens to be a favourite among those who love all things cheesy. Since we are on the subject of the significance of teddies in relationships, a teddy bear is more than just a stuffed animal to keep in your bedroom. Pay attention to the kind of teddy you buy for your partner. Pick one in their favourite colour. Or get it in the form of a keychain, a fridge magnet or a cubicle accessory, depending on your partner’s interests. When you spend time picking the perfect teddy, it becomes a lot more than just another stuffed toy. 

Types Of Teddy Bears You Can Consider As Your Teddy Day Gift

Teddy bear as a gift of apology - Had a fight? Get a cute teddy for a girlfriend with an apology note and watch the frown turn into an instant smile. 

  • Life-sized teddy bear for company - Men may pretend to be too cool for teddies but keep a life-sized teddy in your living room as a teddy day gift for your boyfriend and watch him play with it at least thrice a day. 


  • Pocket teddy as a key chain - There’s no better stress reliever than a tiny bear in your pocket. It’s at least 46% better than a smiley ball and 85 times better than a fidget spinner. Source of this data? Trust me, bro. 

Unique Teddy Day Gift Ideas to Make Your Partner Go Awwww

  • Teddy Bear Bouquets - Yes, they exist. Yes, they are adorable. Yes, they don’t wilt like flowers. And yes, they also smell nice. 
  • Customised teddy bears with names or messages - Want to know a secret way of never going wrong with your teddy day gift idea? Personalise it.
  • Teddies with heating pads - Know why Teddy Day is celebrated in February? Because it’s still cold enough for a warm snuggle. Get a teddy with heating pads and make them wish that winter lasts forever. 
  • Teddy lamp to brighten your workspace - Brighten up your partner’s day, quite literally, with a teddy bear lamp. 

How To Choose The Perfect Teddy Day Gift For Your Loved Ones

The trick is to know your loved one intimately. Buying a teddy can sometimes be as tricky as buying a puppy. However, the easier thing about buying teddies is that you can buy lots of them. If your Valentine is a crazy romantic with a pretty big house, get a life-sized teddy bear as a gift for Teddy Day. If they live in a studio apartment, you may want to get something small and compact. For workaholics, a teddy lamp or a small bear that can be pinned to a soft board can be a gentle reminder that they are loved. 

If Teddy Day is your favourite day of Valentine’s Week as well, let us give you a tight hug. We hope that this day is full of snuggles, cuddles and warm kisses. 

You will find amazing gifts online for your loved ones at Oye Happy, one of the best online platforms to buy gifts. After all, thoughtfully chosen Valentine gifts will definitely bring a smile to your partner's face while warming their heart. 


1.Are teddy bears good gifts?

A.Teddy bears make the best gifts. Why? Because they are cute, cuddle, snuggly, fluffy, and just awesome. Make sure you pick the right one. It’s always advisable to feel the teddy yourself before buying it to ensure the material is soft enough to be hugged. 

2.Do boys like receiving a teddy bear as a gift in Valentine's week?

A.Boys may pretend to be too cool for teddies, but everybody loves cuddles. If you’re considering buying a teddy bear as a Teddy Day gift for your boyfriend, don’t hesitate. 

3.Which Colour teddy is best for Valentine's week?

A.To personalise the teddy bear for your Valentine, get a teddy in your partner’s favourite colour. Unless it’s black. Then stick to the standard brown coloured teddy. 

4.Do I need to wrap a Teddy Day gift?

A.Some gifts are best left unwrapped. Flowers, teddies and cakes are among them.

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