Our Journey

June 2009

Oye Happy starts as a crazy idea in a 138 sft. room in Hyderabad by 2 cousins – Harsh and Varun.


June 2009

We arrange our first surprise and the crazy idea begins to seem like a real company!

June 2010

After a 100 surprises, we have footprints in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Assam with a team of 7 Happiness Consultants and a stuffed teddy!

October 2010

We take up our first CSR (Corporate Surprise Responsibility) project by surprising over 50 folks at an old age home.

December 2010

Oye Happy gets voted as one of India’s top 5 ‘Young Turks’ on CNBC.

April 2011

India wins the Cricket World Cup and we celebrate by getting drunk, really drunk.

June 2012

By now, over 25 media houses feature us and we are more famous than Laden (or so we believe).

November 2013

Oye Happy starts India’s, and possibly the world’s first surprise shop at the Hyderabad airport.

December 2013

We start doing an average of 8 surprises a day at the airport (8 more than what we thought we would in the first 3 months).

September 2014

We take the big plunge and go online! Welcome to the world of surprises.


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