25 Incredible Friendship Day Gifts For Different Kinds of Friends.

Isn't it amazing how we meet someone we don't know and click with them right away? Someone who is just as crazy as you and knows every bit of your life. Friends are the family you choose as you are not bound by blood ties, but by love. And undoubtedly, it's hard to imagine life without good friends. When is Friendship Day celebrated? This Day was conceived as a tradition in 1935 and it has been celebrated on the first Sunday of August since then. It's a day to show friends how much we love and appreciate them. But that expression of love on friendship day should not be a boring or conventional one.  We all have different kinds of friends; self-obsessed ones, book lovers, childhood buddies, office buddies, humorous ones, BFFs, emotional ones, and many more. Although every friend has a different place in your heart and life, each one of them deserves different types of friendship day gifts on this special day. That's why we bring you some unique friendship day special gifts and ideas that you can make use of to give your friends a perfect surprise on that special day. 

They say "good friends are like stars"-you may not always see them, but you know they are always there for you. Whether it is time or distance, true friendship can withstand both trials. But it is always good to tell a friend how much you care about them and sending a small gift to them once in a while is a great way to do that, right? And what better day could there be than a day devoted to friendship? You must have wondered at least once in your life about "How to make gifts for friendship day" or "How to come up with ideas for friendship day gifts (handmade or store bought). Then, below is a list of 25 incredible Friendship Day gifts that can help you find an answer.  At the end of the blog, you'll get a bonus where we will guide you on how you can spend this day with your bestie and make it a memorable one. 

  1. Custom friendship tracker- True friendships are like wine. They just gets better and better with time and age. If you have someone whom you call your childhood friend, honour your companionship with this adorable friendship tracker that can be customised with your pictures. Keep a track of the number of days you two have been with each other and make your friendship eternal. Order here https://www.oyehappy.com/all-surprises/custom-friendship-tracker/ 
  1. Coffee Date- There is no greater gift than the gift of time. And the bottom line is that Friendship Day is Sunday. Book a table at your nearest Cafe and take your friend there to spend some time with them. Order the coffee of your choice and enjoy the wonderful time talking about life and everything else. 
  1. Virtual caricature- Make your adorable friend look even more adorable (and funny) with this quirky personalised caricature. This virtual caricature can be customised according to your friend's personality or hobbies. Thus, it will be an amazing e-gift for your special friend on friendship day. Know more about this here https://www.oyehappy.com/all-surprises/virtual-caricature/ 
  1. Flowers- Yellow flowers are a symbol of friendship and the hope that comes with it. If you do not want the bunch of flowers to be the main gift, you can just add one yellow flower to any other special Friendship Day gift that you choose for your buddy.
  1. Bff hamper- For that special friend who is your extra favourite. Do you wish to pamper him/her with not one or two but, a tower of 3 handcrafted gift boxes that are placed together to spell ‘Best Friends Forever.’ Get your hands on this bff hamper and make your friend's day a super special one. Order here https://www.oyehappy.com/all-surprises/best-friends-forever/ 
  1. Aromatherapy- One more unique and memorable friendship day gift can be a set of scented candles, perfume oil diffusers, or a DIY aromatherapy kit. If your friend is a fan of fragrances, you can even get him/her a nice perfume. You can also gift something as unique as a piece of essential oil jewelry. Get this essential oil diffuser bracelet for friendship day here https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07SCTYBRZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_FF6A7PVVN2EZA9GDQ956 
  1. DIY Bookmarks- Does your friend enjoy reading? Why not give him/her a handmade bookmark? To add a personal touch to the gift, you can always doodle something on your handmade bookmarks or customize them with a picture of you two.
  1. Fulfill their sweet tooth- Are you and your friends the sweet tooth type? If yes, then stick to the basics and simply buy your best friend his/her favorite cupcakes or chocolates. Maybe you could consider adding a personalized card there too! You can also consider making some DIY handmade chocolates or cupcakes at home. Trust us, those are two simple things that anyone can easily make. 
  1. Partners in crime magnet- Your friend is your true companion. In every situation of life, he/she has been an eye witness (even for the most embarrassing ones). Why not honour his/her support and existence by getting this adorable fridge magnet that can be customised with your picture together. The magnet says "partners in crime". Adorable! Isn't it? Buy here https://www.oyehappy.com/all-surprises/partners-in-crime-magnet/ 
  1. DIY book of memories- There is no such thing in friendship as the collection of amazing moments you two have shared. Your friends never fail to create fun and beautiful memories with you. And we’re sure you have a picture to remember almost all those times. Print out your favorite pictures together and put them in a beautiful scrapbook with some friendship day wishes in it and you are good to go.  
  1. Friendship day bracelet - Celebrate your friendship in the old school way with this cute friendship day bracelet. If you can't go and tie it yourself to your special friend, then order it via Amazon with a printed message in the order. This simple bracelet can strengthen the bond of your everlasting friendship. Order here https://www.amazon.in/dp/B075SX9CKD/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_KD37GZMMGEGM52X4JPCD 
  1. Long-distance lamps-Time and distance mean nothing when the bond is strong and unbreakable. No matter how far away we are, we have friends who stick with us through thick and thin. However, it is difficult to remain in touch at all times. Under such circumstances, you can give your long-distance buddy this distant touch-sensitive lamp that illuminates when any one of you touches it. Order here https://www.amazon.in/dp/B08LBK2YCP/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_SNXKTHHQVP9WSVWE1VYY 
  1. Happy friends mug- All of us know our best buddies this much that we can write a book about them. Well, If not a book, you can get him/her this set of mugs that define your bestie perfectly. This set of 2 customized photo mugs can give you amazing "friendship goals" pictures for your social media. And yes, it's something your friend will truly remember forever. Order here https://www.oyehappy.com/all-surprises/happy-friends-mugs/ 
  1. Audiobooks - This is a great gift for anyone who loves to read but seems to be struggling with their schedule and time. For a friend who is always complaining about not having time, an audiobook subscription can be a great idea.
  1. DIY message pills in a jar - Message Capsules are a great way to tell your friends how much they matter to you. Surprise them with a decorated glass jar that contains notes inside each pill. Pour your heart into writing lovely messages in all of these pills and make an adorable handmade friendship day gift for your bestie.
  1. Plant a tree- This year, celebrate friendship day with high spirits of a greener and better earth. Sponsor the plantation and maintenance of a tree on someone’s behalf and your friend will get a customized certificate and the location of the tree planted on his/her behalf. An environment friendly gifting idea that will be a thoughtful surprise for anybody who receives it! Know more about this here https://www.oyehappy.com/all-surprises/plant-a-tree/ 
  1. Virtual movie nights- Why should you Netflix and chill alone when you can do it with a group of friends? To make this plan successful, you and your friends can simultaneously watch the same TV show or movies on Sunday night and make a WhatsApp group chat to discuss it in real-time. It's very similar to watching a movie in a theater with a group of friends and exchanging thoughts about it, but the difference here is that you guys will be sitting in your respective homes. A fun movie date while maintaining social distancing! Isn't it?
  1. DIY friends photo collage- If your friend happens to be a FRIENDS fan, this will be a perfect way to make him/her happy. This FRIENDS-themed photo frame would be such a fun and nostalgic way to honor the friendships that have grown and flourished over the years.
  1. All about you video- All of us have that special someone whom we know pretty much enough to make a movie about them. Well if not a movie, good news is that you can surprise them with a personalized video made about them. Let your bestie know whatever you adore about them through this customised video for them.This virtual delight will be compiled with all the details, pictures, quirks, and sayings that best describe your buddy. Order here https://www.oyehappy.com/all-surprises/all-about-you-video/ 
  1. DIY bottle lamp- The wine bottle lamp looks very dreamy and amazing. You can also use a beer bottle instead, but no matter which one you use, you will end up creating something cool. Take a long glass bottle and clean it thoroughly to remove the odor. Now, start doodling something on it with a marker of any color. Insert the fairy lights inside the bottle and connect them to the power supply. When the lights are on, the wine bottle will show the drawings you have made and your DIY lamp will look dreamy and beautiful.
  1. Open when cards- Traditional greeting cards are a thing of past. What about something that is customised for your loved one's every mood? Surprise your “oh so moody” friend with these adorable ''open when cards" that makes them feel your presence even when you aren't around. This set of 5 adorable "open when cards" will be the perfect buddy for your buddy's every mood ( Even in the bad ones).After all, who doesn't get mood swings! Order here https://www.oyehappy.com/all-surprises/open-when-cards/ 
  1. Box of insults- Who is a best friend? Someone who opens their mouth just to insult you. Surprise your best friend with this box of insults and let them know how much you adore them(but, with a funny twist). This box of insult comes with 21 sarcastically written insults to honour your best buddy. Even when you’re away, this quirky box will do your job by creatively (and lovingly) insulting your best friend. Buy here https://www.oyehappy.com/all-surprises/box-of-insults/ 
  1. DIY happiness jar- This idea is a very thoughtful and caring one as a happiness jar will keep your friend smiling against all odds in life. Take an old glass jar and decorate it with ribbons and sparkles. Take a blank sheet of paper and cut out small chips from it. Write funny quotes and encouraging words on it using different colored glitter pens. Fold these slips and fill them in the jar and write “open when you feel down”. on the glass jar and your DIY happiness jar is ready.
  1. Ceramic Mug - Who wouldn’t want to sip their coffee in style from a classy Ceramic Mug that looks super cool? It is the perfect desk accessory for anyone on your gift list, whether your buddy is a juice, coffee, or tea drinker. Also, this is microwave safe. Order here https://www.amazon.in/dp/B08KQDBTFC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_WTZNWXT1Z87KVN8CEAKS 
  1. Memories in spotlight- Light up your best friend's day just like he/she lights up your life. Surprise them with this customisable LED photo frame and show all your love. This lit photo frame is a perfect way to let your best buddy behold your best memories together closer, forever! Order here https://www.oyehappy.com/all-surprises/memories-in-spotlight/ 

Bonus - How Can You Spend A Memorable Friendship Day Together?

You and your best friend have a lot of fun together. So why not make a day about it? The important thing is to spend quality time together just by being your true self.  Plan an old-school sleepover with your besties. Afterward, you can also plan a date at any favorite restaurant with a few drinks, music, or dance at your regular hangout spot. If you both like to stay indoors, why not cook something together? Throw in your favorite movie, video game, Tv show, or anything else that you both like to do together. So, are you all ready to make this Friendship Day a memorable one with your best friend? Whether it’s a regular gift or a personalized gift, choose the friendship day special gifts according to his/her choices and preferences. This year, surprise your besties with gifts and praises on Friendship Day. If you liked our ideas or would like to share a few of your own, we'd love to hear from you. And when you're looking for more inspiration on a perfect friendship day special gift, visit https://www.oyehappy.com/gifts/on-friendship-day/  to get your creative juices flowing. Happy Friendship Day, guys! We hope you have a super fun and memorable one this year.

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